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  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    Basically should be #10 at the very least...
  • Avatar for roterkobold
  • Avatar for therottingone
    why the hell is Love Peace and Nappiness sooooo fruckin low on this list?????????
  • Avatar for MADBOATZ
  • Avatar for MADBOATZ
  • Avatar for MADBOATZ
  • Avatar for Splif4d
    да не , вообще отлично . как раньше не заметил
  • Avatar for Splif4d
  • Avatar for mobionic
    fuckin' awesome.
  • Avatar for DontBeSoHard
  • Avatar for rnbrockstar
    Man, personal tragedy is what ended this group.... they definitely had great potential Legal Drug Money is definitely a Hip-Hop classic
  • Avatar for ChrisSabbath
    Totally agree with the dude below. Legal Drug Money was blastin' from every angle here in Queens back when it first dropped. Album's a certified street classic.
  • Avatar for iZiplok
    Looooost Boyzzzz!!!!
  • Avatar for earstoit
    Renee all time loved track :)
  • Avatar for JaguarMills
    they're on my iphone......they're always gonna be the ISH
  • Avatar for unbwogable
    ooowwwiii! Love and miss them so much.. I remember when they came to Nairobi, Kenya (and they went to Dar, Tanzania too) for a concert in 1998.. it was huge because at that time, not many hip hop acts dared to come to Africa.. and they ROCKED. R.I.P. Freaky Tah :-(
  • Avatar for msassets
    Being from the so. I was like WOW the first time I heard the Lost Boyz "Rene"...still got the cassette (lol)...and Mr. Cheeks um um um ; )
  • Avatar for NIGHTCRAWLER232
    @ -GS- one is dead , spig is in jail, pretty lou.. im not sure,cheeks lives in my old neighborhood. these dudes had a real following in the street's or as far as music goes! i remember being in high school, to the world they looked like star's but to anyone from jamaica they still would be in the street's just like us. they are regular people with regular problem's
  • Avatar for steveisms
    RESPECT 2 the LOST BOYZ 4 the great music + memories...R..I.P FREAKY TAH !!!..........................
  • Avatar for EmoBein
    " Crack a Forty with ma' Naughty Freaks.."!!!
  • Avatar for kissmylips22
    mr cheeeks!!!!
  • Avatar for scbras
    God Lost BOys are so 80's "D
  • Avatar for MexLovin
    i hate to give it to youu.
  • Avatar for Maritza2813
    Me and my crazy world!
  • Avatar for MattPsot
    Zajafka kipi gęsta :)
  • Avatar for YungBLeez
    RIP Freaky Tah
  • Avatar for lilly_ace1
    when did i first fall in love with hip hop?....when i first listened to LB in the 90's, LB set the bar for me. Man hip hop was amazing in the 90's. LB FOREVER!
  • Avatar for MightySurvivor
    Still spinning that Legal Drug Money on a daily basis, yeah!
  • Avatar for the_consigliere
    Damn, thought they'd have more listeners too.
  • Avatar for isuru_boy
    LOST!!! yeah RIP Freaky Tah !!!
  • Avatar for houston504
    @nkr of course they got more fans that 3k people but not everyone has a computer nor is every fan on so the stats are precise
  • Avatar for 2Serenity
    In college (1992-1996) we played Lost Boyz so much to the point that we would talk in Lost Boyz language!
  • Avatar for -GS-
    were are they now...
  • Avatar for XuQuZ
    word up
  • Avatar for nkr_
    wow, thought these guys were more popular than ~3k listeners. lost boyz is the shit

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