• Viva Bolivia!

    11 Dec 2005, 17:11 by campsy

    I just rediscovered good old folk music. Listening to Los Masis I suddenly found myself headbangig and bawling in Quechua (which I don't speak actually) like crazy.
    That's power!!!

    More connections:
    Los Kjarkas -> Number One Pop Stars in Bolivia (at least they were at my last visit - that's ages from now!)
    -> which is, by the way, my sisters second forename (I called her Angina, when I was still a bad little girl - of course I've only been jealous)

    Please feel free to help me adding more connections by commenting this journal entry!
    As you see, my knowledge of bolivian music is very poor. I only have these couple of folcloristic old cassettes from my mum and am quite interested in what bolivian youth is nuts about nowadays!