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  • Worst song ever.
  • heeeeey macarena! [2]
  • i just looked up the translation and still have no idea what this song is about
  • heeeeey macarena!
  • good song,love this*****
  • GOOD MOOD SONG-----SUPER !!!!!
  • Da bomb.
  • :-))
  • ayy
  • :-)
  • De Grandmix: The Summer Edition (Mixed by Ben Liebrand) (disc 1) e 150 outros álbuns .... MORTE
  • Still a great song :D I could dance the Macarena dance :p
  • this song hasn't gotten better with age...and it wasn't good to start.
  • Da zucken die Beine von alleine :-)
  • Spanish Holiday Song.Let s Dance Macarena...
  • Just Dance away ..~~~~ ( * v * ) ~~~~
  • melhor música do universo.
  • Still the best summer hit ever! <3
  • Catchy rubbish - great fun, for all that.
  • the beat of my childhood. :)
  • Oh Ya, feet are tapping and laptop jumpin.......
  • classic:)
  • funny song
  • great track
  • 16 year & still CATCHY!!! By the way this song topped Billboard chart for 15 weeks! - quite deservedly))
  • 405.089 scrobbles 121.568 ouvintes LOOOOL
  • so true
  • I think I might still can dance to this :D
  • Memories are flooding back rn.
  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Macarena!...................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! :)
  • SO CHEESY... But I remember that I loved this song as a child. And I find it quite scary, that I had... I had to sing this song... And... could not... could not stop... dancing this cheesy dance... Yeeeeah, Schmeerskahoven!
  • I just had to listen to this because yesterday I saw a House M.D. episode where was this song played :D
  • Dale a tu cuerpo alegria macarena...
  • i rememeber hearing this on the sunday top 40 charts :D I would look forward every sunday to hearing the top 40 charts and this was back in 1996!
  • Dale a tu cuerpo alegría macarena ♥ ¡Un éxito de siempre!
  • i wish i coukd find the one in French...sign*
  • Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood
  • cooler Macarena song
  • Ээх какие времена были!!!!! Ни пафосного арндби и гламурного хихопа..
  • All time song to positive
  • ive had this stuck in my head pretty much nonstop for 2 days straight. its a problem.
  • I actually like this version better; the one without the girl.
  • my wife and I just started dating when this song was out and popular.....we danced to this quite often.....very fun this song will always have special meaning to me
  • Good workout!
  • Memories, great song <3 I remember when I was at school's disco and I was about 10 years old and danced to this song, the Macarena dance! That's the only time when I have danced in public :D


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