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  1. Previously known as Lord of Evil.
    WAR 88 is an acronym for "White Aryan Resistance, Heil Hitler"

  2. Raw NS Black metal from Finland.


    White Wolves Power (Demo, 2008)
    Black Metal Resistance (Demo, 2008)
    Dark Ages Return (Demo, 2008)…

  3. Hödur is a Polish black metal act formed in 1994. They're currently split up.

    Hödur's main themes are nietzschean and war with Judeo-Christianity.…

  4. Black metal band from Poland. Released one demo "Megiddo Eve" (1994) and one full-length album "Christian Masquerade" (1995)

  5. Hatenwar is a NS black metal project from Poland and it was formed in 1996 and remained active to this day.

    Current line-up:
    Wolfkhryn - Guitars,…

  6. Morke are noted as being the first NSBM group.
    The Band was formed in 1993 in Germany (Würzburg/Bavaria)
    Formerly known as Rahu.

    Morke was an…

  7. NS Black Metal from Poland. L.S.S.A.H. means "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler". The band have released two demo entitled "1939" in 1995 and…

  8. NS Black Metal from Germany that released self-titled demo in 2001.

  9. NS Black Metal from Poland. The name is a reference to a place where witches and criminals were put to death in the 13th century. So far the…

  10. National Socialist Black Metal from Poland featuring members of Sunwheel, Saltus and Forgotten Past.


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