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-Fans tell them that their live shows are better than sex. Now if that's not rock n' roll, what is?+Santa Barbara rock band Loomis & the Lust is making waves with their catchy, danceable brand of rock. The band’s music video “Bright Red Chords” won MTVu’s best “Freshman” video in December and the video is now in rotation on MTVu, a remarkable achievement for an unsigned band with their first EP. The band was also chosen by MTV IGGY to be featured in a series on 20 developing artists, called “What’s Fresh”, a series that airs this winter.
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-"With their catchy tunes and cool vibes, these guys are putting 70¹s rock back into style," writes the Santa Barbara Independent. In a year, they became one of the most popular bands in Santa Barbara and have already begun to attract national attention. Not only have they received invitations from regional music festivals such as the Florida Music Festival they have been flooded with requests from the college circuit. This fall Loomis & The Lust will set out on a 40-college tour.+
-"Bright Red Chords", the first track on their debut EP Nagasha, boasts the band's signature buoyancy, which continues throughout the EP. Santa Barbara's KJEE radio DJ Phat J. called it "the catchiest damn thing I've ever heard". The video has been picked up by MTV Latin America and recently won a contest sponsored by Music Mix USA through Sonicbids to be featured in their cable programming to 40 million households. The band credits their early success to a healthy, fun-loving attitude. Due to the band's relentlessly danceable style, audiences can't help but have a great time.+Their music video for Bright Red Chords has also been picked up by over 35 other cable outlets and retail chains for air play, and won two contests by both Music Mix USA and Fuse TV for the best music video from an unsigned band. Bright Red Chords was also selected by Filter Magazine to appear in the Urban Outfitters store sampler and on the Delta airlines indie rock channel, and it has recently begun to get radio airplay on legendary rock stations such as WMMR in Philadelphia.
-Fans pack the band¹s local shows and when they play festivals out of town, long lines form for autographs after every show.+
 +Singled out by MySpace Records to be part of their “Friends” program for developing bands, Loomis & the Lust was asked to do a remix of one of their songs for Rockstar Games/PSP using a new software game made by Timbaland called Beaterator.
 +The band just finished a their first tour in the fall of 2009, a six week “Back to the U” college tour on the west coast and they are currently working on their second release which will appear in early 2010.
 +Having formed in early 2008 at the impetus of band namesake and guitar-wielding front man, Will Loomis, this youthful rock four-piece, features Mike Dapra on guitar, Anthony Sonetti on drums and Noah Babcock on bass. Anthony Sonetti, a graduate of Musician’s Institute, just won their award for best drummer.
-Drawing from a broad range of styles and with a respectful nod to the past, the band manages to avoid the obvious revisionist traps by blending their own brand of modernity with a hefty dose of old school funk and R&B. Out Of The Gutter magazine's Brian Murphy declared Loomis & The Lust the "closest thing to urban sixties stalwarts like The Animals and The Kinks", which is fitting considering their list of influences include some of that era's most classic rock acts, as well as a diverse mix of artists like Chet Atkins and Otis Redding, David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Franz Ferdinand. 
-Having formed in early 2008 at the impetus of band namesake and guitar-wielding front man, Will Loomis, this youthful rock four-piece, ranging in age from 18 - 24, features Thomas Masker on guitar, Jeremy Berisha on drums, and Noah Babcock on bass. 
Brandon Mason, best known for his work with David Bowie, Secret Machines and Bono and the Edge, produced the band's debut EP, Nagasha. Brandon Mason, best known for his work with David Bowie, Secret Machines and Bono and the Edge, produced the band's debut EP, Nagasha.

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About the band: Embracing classic pop hooks, throwing in a bit of soul, Brit pop and California sunshine, Loomis & the Lust has created a top notch pop rock sound that swirls with a light-hearted, fun-time attitude that conjures up visions of palm trees and good times. After releasing a batch of clever, catchy songs in their first EP last year, Loomis and the Lust quickly started making waves, being named one of the “Top 25 New Bands in the Word” by MTV Iggy, winning an MTVU “Freshman” video award, appearing in an online ad campaign for Subway. All their songs are danceable and contain so much energy that if you don’t move a body part while listening, you most likely don’t have a pulse. “I’ll put it to you this way, within about thirty seconds you’ll be reeled in and singing into a hairbrush”, wrote one reviewer about the band’s single "Bright Red Chords”. They have been described as taking the best parts of rock & roll from the past, adding a little funk, a little Cali surf and molded it into something modern that still captures that same feeling as listening to Beatles or the Rolling Stones for the first time. The band is currently writing a popular blog for MTV Iggy. They live in a house that doubles as their studio in Santa Barbara, writing new songs constantly when not on tour. Most recently their tenacity paid off to the tune of a $25,000 prize via OurStage.com and the New Music Seminar, winning the coveted title of "Artist on the Verge”. Critics praise the band’s “top shelf music that should make the band a household name” in the near future. “Loomis and the Lust obviously perceives—and possesses—the recipe for colossal success." MEDIA QUOTES: “These handsome Californian lads are quickly making a name for themselves with their exciting brand of pop-rock, full of catchy hooks and lovely melodies. Their addictive songs will get under your skin and into your heart.” -MTV Iggy “This band has hit on something that potentially has massively broad appeal” - Blurt “Some of the catchiest, most danceable Rock N Roll of the year.” -Wildy’s World “It is no wonder the Californian quartet has made a splash on the music scene garnering major attention.” -Eat Sleep Breathe Music, Unsigned Artist of the Week “Addictively catchy melodies swirl with a light hearted and fun-time attitude…soundtrack for summer fun.” - The Ripple Effect “You kick yourself for wondering how you missed talent like this for so long.“ -Flak Behind the Hype “Top shelf music that should help make this band a household name all across the U.S. real soon.” -Indie Music Stop “It gives me the urge to jump up and down, dancing with friends under the summer sun.” -Music Box “Lust Machines: Loomis & The Lust will definitely set fire to your feet.” -Ourstage “Sounding well beyond their years, LATL sound like they've been rocking out for two decades which in fact is about how old they actually are. Embracing classic pop hooks, cranking it up to ten, throwing in a bit of soul, and then coating it in a sheen of brilliance, LATL make Nagasha a classic power pop record without even trying.” -POP! Stereo Review “Their lighthearted, catchy, almost addictive melodies really sets them apart from the crowd and makes you wonder why they haven’t made the top ten yet!” -Gulf Coast Music Review “Pop-rock Cali quartet Loomis & The Lust produced a parcel of clever, catchy songs that equates sonic Super Glue…. Loomis obviously perceives—and possesses—the recipe for colossal success. They’re pretty cute, too.” - Billboard Discoveries