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Lon (ろん) is an utaite with an "angelic shota" voice. Lon mostly sings Kagamine Len songs, and she frequently collaborates with Soraru, forming the pair SoraLon (そらろん).Her most viewed cover is "Ochame Kinou" which currently has over 7.77 million views on Nico Nico Douga, as of August 2013. It is also known for being the most-viewed video on Nico Nico Douga under the "utattemita" category.
Rather than being spelled out as "Ron" in the correct romaji, ろん is spelled with a "L" instead of a "R" because it comes from "London"; Lon has shown near fluency in English (offering to translate her community information into English if there was a demand and speaking in English during Soraru's namahousous) and is reported to have stayed in London. The nickname was coined by other members of the NND community.

Lon is a bokukko because of her tomboy personality and shota-like voice. However, she is different from the usual "ryouseirui" because she does not sing in a masculine range during her songs - her voice is naturally shota-like. She has participated in a ryouseirui (trap singer) album.

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