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  1. There are three artists recording under the name Wen.

    1. Wen is a UK dubstep/bass/grime producer. Released his debut album "Signals" on Keysound…

  2. Asusu is Craig Stennett, who has released music on Project Squared, Immerse Records and Bristol collective Livity Sound.

  3. Yo. North London based producer.
    Ambient bass music/grime

  4. Tessela is a pseudonym of West Country, UK DJ and techno/bass producer Ed Russell.

    Sites: SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook.

  5. DJ/Producer from South London. Head of Her Records.

  6. Underground Dubstep from North, Britain (UK). Signed to Deep Medi and Black Box.

    Eastern Bloc... big choon.

  7. Ipman is a British electronic music producer with a heavy, dark style. He has released material on several labels including Tempa and Osiris Music.

  8. Vaghe Stelle is the latest project by musician and producer Daniele Mana. Born in Torino in 1984, he bagan his career with Cristiano Troffei in the…

  9. Bandshell makes music akin to impenetrably complex puzzles. With a rhythmically intricate style both coarse & strikingly individual his curious…

  10. There are at least nine bands with the name Bloom.

    1. Bloom is an acoustic pop band from Slovakia.
    2. Bloom is a rock band from Gainesville, FL.

  11. There are at least two artists with this name:

    1. An electronic music producer who has released his debut EP on Cut Records. He's making bass…

  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. Ben UFO (b. 1986) (Hessle Audio, Ruffage)

    Ben UFO is a London based DJ and co-founder of the record label Hessle Audio, alongside Ramadanman and…

  14. http://soundcloud.com/caski

  15. Kaiju refers at least three different artists
    British dubstep duo;
    A metal band;
    A London based electronic DJ;
    Nerdcore hip-hop artist.

  16. There is more than one artist recording under the name Special Request:

    1. Alias of Paul Woolford. Released the album Soul Music in October 2013.


  17. South London based producer Visionist came through in 2011 after initial support from DJ Oneman with tunes like "Come In" & "Mr. 67". Since then,…

  18. A collaboration between Mumdance & Logos. Released the album Proto in 2015.

    Logos is an alias for James Parker, a grime producer from London, UK.…

  19. Houston-based producer Rabit

  20. Pev is Peverelist (Tom Ford). Kowton is Joe Cowton.



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