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  • aka-rico

    I too saw them at the amphitheater 1972-1974 cant remember or find anything online about them but I remember it was one of the best shows Ive seen ever...Do you remember the one one with Winter Bros?Or any others?

    November 2013
  • Akatsuki_Dei

    Man, check out that mustache O_O

    August 2012
  • davidgeorgea

    I love this piece of music (*_*)

    May 2011
  • BWoolmore

    not only "yacht rock", but a perfect example of the sub-sub-genre, "sloop groove".

    April 2011
  • Harfang

    why do people write things like this [2] This is a quality band fronted by two main guys, one of whom has a less than stellar musical reputation. That does not mean this project isn't valid. It's more than valid; the arrangements and instrumentation often bordered on genius.

    April 2011
  • beefandrootbeer

    "popularizing yacht rock"... why do people write things like this

    March 2011
  • vishal8492

    Danny's Song superb!!!

    November 2010
  • placidian

    Angry eyes kicks ass [2.] And so does Pathway To Glory!

    August 2010
  • squiggins

    Yacht rock? Seriously? Is that really a thing that people say?

    March 2010
  • TimmyDoyle

    Saw these 2 at the Andrews outdoor amphitheater in Hawaii back in the early 70's. Great music then, great music now. Their early stuff, unbelievably, can be found on youtube. House at Pooh Corner is exactly as I remember seeing it back then.

    November 2009
  • Toddcraft

    This is the best band ever.

    October 2009
  • JXMBrennan

    Kenny Loggins performs "I'm Alright" on SIRIUS XM's Artist Confidential. Watch it now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVhtuaIjHlU

    August 2009
  • teraevlyn

    A Chicago favorite for skating and stepping!!!

    March 2009
  • osmark

    chill stuff >D. and to think this man brought us footloose haha

    January 2009

    this song is sooooooooooo cute!!! LOL!

    December 2008
  • wonder_al


    April 2007