• Boltonesque Awards July

    8 Aug 2007, 12:01 by ssssixten

    After hours and days of counting the numerous votes submited to the Boltonesque Awards ceremony July here follows the results:

    Best Boltonesque look: Wolfgang Petry - The hair, the cheekbones and to top it all off - the moustasche.

    Best Boltonesque Act: Stephen Collins - The jurors concludes that the award goes out to a life time achivement for his prominent work in Seventh Heaven or for that matter, his intergration with V-ger saving the day for USS Enterprise

    Best Boltonesque Refrain: Jazz Police - The jurors were payed off by J Paul Getty. Jazzer drop your saxes Jazzpolice!

    Boltonesque Rookie of the Month: This award goes out to a seasoned veteran through his newly acclaimed recognition that trippled his ammount of scrolled christmas songs on None other than the honorable Loa Falkman could perform such a task. Noteable is that Loa surpassed both
    John Parr and Kenny Bräck in his hunt for the rookie title of the month.