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  • Avatar for laurajanegrace
    shouldn't i be riding in the back with my fingers?
  • Avatar for Slipknot58Rus
    Give me life❤
  • Avatar for MattU1
    I find it weird that Texas is their top song on here. In my opinion, it's one of their weakest songs. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad song by any means, but they definitely have better ones, even on the same album, like A Life That's Just Begun, All I Have, Alive, Blame Me, etc. But yeah, I remember buying their self-titled album way back in 2003, when I saw them open for Staind and Sevendust. Loved their music ever since! And it felt like forever waiting for their 2nd album to come out! I didn't think they'd ever release another album after the first one, considering how many years went by until The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge was released. But yeah, as far as the new album goes, I like it, but their other two albums are better, in my opinion. It seems like there's too many heavy songs on Disintegration Effect. It could benefit from a few more melodic songs, even as b-sides or whatever. Seems like they were trying to please the old-school Ultraspank fans.
  • Avatar for AlexandraMaya
    Give me life!!!
  • Avatar for foofighter2
    новый альбом и вправду хороший
  • Avatar for DieGo776
    Disintegration Effect = AMAZING.
  • Avatar for CovinS2
    Not sure how I feel about the new one. Pete probably has the BEST voice in the rock world, recognized or not, and throwing distortion on such talent just seems wasteful. It is done well here and there, but... The music isn't bad either, some songs a lot more moving and empowering than others. Ultimately though, it feels incomplete. I know the music world has never been fair to them, but much like the band Sinch, it's better to wait 7 years and put out a record of the year. I'm still gonna jam it like hell though. :P
  • Avatar for NuMetalNewMetal
    New album is very very very fucking
  • Avatar for anqert7
    новый альбом неплохой
  • Avatar for mattimek
    New album is very good
  • Avatar for Daizzy_Frozen
    New album is wonderful.
  • Avatar for ivasheva
    new album has an awesome atmosphere....
  • Avatar for Tipych
    очень!! очень хорошая группа !!
  • Avatar for mattimek
    weird name for rock/metal band, but suprising very good music...
  • Avatar for landapepa
    WOW, they are so fucking good !
  • Avatar for DBZEROGRAVITY
    Check out Life On Planet 9 "Bittersweet" (it's basically a collection of Lo-Pro's acoustic stuff)!
  • Avatar for EscapeVictim
    come to germany pls!!!!!!
  • Avatar for maah304
    Sunday is my favourite one <3
  • Avatar for Dj-BlackJack
    Lo-Pro is nice but... Ultraspank was way better... [2]
  • Avatar for meshmdz
    pete murray is one of the best in the business. flawless voice. lo pro is great and this record is unreal.
  • Avatar for Mika_Martins
  • Avatar for DuskAngel777
    your song "alive" has inspired me....its really beautiful! :) thanks, it has helped me wen i was about to lose hope..... bless yall
  • Avatar for slipknotman515
    Ultraspank was way better...
  • Avatar for maybechevelle
    murray is awesome !!
  • Avatar for enga83
    Great band.
  • Avatar for Dark-Blaze
    We featured Lo-Pro in our Tumblr about music
  • Avatar for miqsh
    beautiful far sounding lyrics .. dreamy .. they are here to stay.
  • Avatar for butterflyvic
    Alive is such a wonderful song!<3
  • Avatar for dagley
    Can't believe "Not Me" isn't top 15....
  • Avatar for KarmaAndEffect
    Even if it isn't for the new album, Lo-Pro has excellent musicians that made some epic songs!
  • Avatar for mattlazear
    I agree with the person below me. This new album is absolutely STELLAR!
  • Avatar for rosetta0stoned
    Finally! Lo-Pro came up with the new album and it rocks big time! Love them
  • Avatar for aka_buriedalive
    странно,но мне понравилось..ахеренны!
  • Avatar for MyDaysOfGrace
    new album is very atmospheric, good job, not in vain for so many years of expectations.
  • Avatar for GaLbI4
    Awesome new album! Ingenious - great song!!!
  • Avatar for cu2night
    new album is awesome!!!
  • Avatar for DBZEROGRAVITY
    New album drops tomorrow (6/8/10) bonus track on itunes
  • Avatar for thenewreview
    We just posted our review of "The Beautiful Sounds Of Revenge" at CHECK IT OUT!
  • Avatar for DBZEROGRAVITY
    new album is coming out soon
  • Avatar for plastic_boy7
  • Avatar for banchy85
    anyone have there ep letting go?
  • Avatar for weemies
    Very underrated band. I'm looking forward to their new album.
  • Avatar for a_jackson
    Seen these guys in Pikeville, KY! Amazing new comming Band! cant wait to hear more!!!
  • Avatar for SLLIay
    One of my Favorite bands
  • Avatar for eastbaythunder
    "Sunday" is killer track
  • Avatar for NakedMile
    Totally underrated band. They have lots of good stuff, hope they keep up the good work!
  • Avatar for Saint_Si
    Nice one! I had no idea there was a new E.P and tour about to start! I thought they had broken up!
  • Avatar for finkk
    new EP is awesome!! can't wait for the new album...when?
  • Avatar for Sox5452
    Brand new EP "Letting Go" is on iTunes now!!
  • Avatar for andrewd40
    These guys are pretty damn good. Sunday ftw.


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