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  • Avatar for PWNdestroyPWN
    Halloween Havoc 2 might be mixtape of the year.
  • Avatar for VeX08
    Another classic from the PLK.
  • Avatar for Zarlacc
    Halloween Havoc 2 prolly could used some more hype before this sudden drop, but we blessed nonetheless.
  • Avatar for m-hide
    I was just listening to "V6: The Gift" mixtape. Is there a new mixtape I don't know about?
  • Avatar for m-hide
    One of the most underrated rappers out there [2]
  • Avatar for JaMDKinG
    Top 5...
  • Avatar for Jongusmoe
    One of the most underrated rappers out there
  • Avatar for Sekhem
    cc2 one of the best mixtapes of all time
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    lol, no. i am not listening to this
  • Avatar for HugoDalton
    F.N.O. (Failure's No Option) ta aí a Mixtape do Ano
  • Avatar for JaMDKinG
    I slept on this mixtape for about a week, but listening to it now. God damn this man is underrated as fuck.
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    One of the best mixtapes out there. We need a 320kbps quality - NOW.
  • Avatar for TuNa_DriNk
    FNO is fuckin amazin!! [2]
  • Avatar for jay-z33
    FNO is fuckin amazin!!
  • Avatar for janbunb
    it's just incredible
  • Avatar for JordanMatondo
    YO! Banks has always been nice on mixtapes but F.N.O. is some next level shit, this tape has shot right up and replaced the first Cold Corner as my favorite Lloyd project, from start to finish it's a great listen and for sure in my list of favorite projects this year. A.O.N. (All or Nothing) series has truly kick-started with a BANG!
  • Avatar for OG_IceMan
  • Avatar for ImbissBrunto
    New tape is fucking fire! [2] Banks can rap but I've always thought the production on his mixtapes can be kinda hit-and-miss. FNO has excellent beats though, I hope he keeps that up!
  • Avatar for HugoDalton
    Mixtape foda. Ótimas produções.
  • Avatar for VeX08
    New tape is fucking fire! PLK.
  • Avatar for YanVNP
    niggas be sleepin in this
  • Avatar for aaammmiiinnn
  • Avatar for carolinadee
  • Avatar for seapunk7
    On Fire xD
  • Avatar for Young_Legend187
    Follow the Leader >>> All or Nothin': Failures No Option new shit !
  • Avatar for vanitieswhorex
    Open Arms is realest
  • Avatar for JDarling69
    This guy's... Fuckin' special....
  • Avatar for Young_Legend187
    All or Nothin': Failures No Option Yeahh....... That shit gonna be classic [2]
  • Avatar for JaMDKinG
    All or Nothin': Failures No Option Yeahh....... That shit gonna be classic
  • Avatar for JDarling69
    Waaaarrioooor !
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    V5, Cold Corner 2 and V6 are all perfect.
  • Avatar for janbunb
    vote this up!
  • Avatar for m-hide
    banks needs to release an album that`s at least as half as good as his mixtapes; recently he been dropping nothing but fuckin` quality music.
  • Avatar for Insanesheet
    lol ? so forgetfull it's not even in the top 15 ... it's a great track !
  • Avatar for ColorCutClarity
    People need to wake up. Banks is killing everyone and they don't even realize it.
  • Avatar for v4zquez
  • Avatar for psychik_45
    G G G G G Unittttttttttttttttt
  • Avatar for psychik_45
    IS THE KID LLOYD BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for SK93
    lloyd banks has quietly been the biggest problem in rap consistently for the past, pshhht, i dont know, 48 months. i kind of put him on the wall as a Big L or Notorious of our generation now. crazy how far his career has peaked since the early '00's with g-unit. because lyrically no one is fucking with him right now.
  • Avatar for aaammmiiinnn
  • Avatar for vanitieswhorex
    The Sprint is amazing
  • Avatar for m-hide
    mixtape king. There, I said it.
  • Avatar for vanitieswhorex
    the illest
  • Avatar for spektroskop
    cool, but cold corner 2 was more ill
  • Avatar for jay-z33
  • Avatar for BlessedVoodoo
    His mixtape sounds better than most of new albums of other rappers ёпта. I'm glad there is no whack similar trap beats on it
  • Avatar for ItalaJacksonG
  • Avatar for SLAM2DARK
    Best Mixtape ever made by an NY Rapper, Banks is crazy to give it for free, he could made an classic album with that material, daaamn, fire.
  • Avatar for b0nfire
    the ambiance is great on this. especially the q song.
  • Avatar for VeX08
    new tape is flames... banks stay running shit.


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