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Little River Band

Lonesome Loser (3:52)


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  • great band", rock on""
  • great song, forever, rock on""
  • Great tune. Great band.
  • Don't ever give up on yourself. Follow your dreams thru the darkness, thru the valleys, over the mountains. Someday it will all pay off and you will see your pot of gold just over that rainbow.
  • macht Laune, immer wieder!
  • This reminds me of Charlie Kelly.
  • Ahhh, the music of my high school days. Makes me nostalgic!
  • lol i use marty in my fb leaguesl
  • I hated this song when it came out. now it only annoys me.
  • this song...roller rink...early 80's....life was so good ;)
  • I Love the Little River Band Espically when my husband sings Lady Too Me!! Awe.
  • Still holds up well,good tune!
  • Casinos in Vegas hate it when you walk thru singing this song. I speak from the experience of making the whole thing up...Great song..Great band.
  • very eagle esk this track. Or am I going mad? :s
  • ♢ ♤ queen ♡ ♧
  • gewinne und alle gewinnen mit dir, verliere und du verlierst alleine...
  • love the lonesome loser
  • great vocal harmonies!
  • classic little river band,been their, seen them,love them..........
  • Mine too
  • Oh yes. One of my favs.
  • The harmonies are amazing. [2]
  • Ace Beats king
  • The harmonies are amazing.
  • live harmony, any1 else get goosebumps?
  • This is still one of my favorite songs. I remember listening to it on the radio when I was young -- a long time ago. :) Great harmony work...
  • good song
  • one of my first favorite songs...and still is. i always stop and listen :) cheers
  • i got that album not a cd
  • This was one of the best bands of my childhood...and still is! Lonesome Loser was the first I heard of them and I still can't stop listening to it! Thanks a lot, guys for the music for my whole life...
  • Used to smoke till dawn listening to this one!!
  • THIS is great
  • I want the ORIGINAL version!
  • Muito bom!!!♥
  • This song takes me back to 1979. I've just turned four, and my mum is heavily pregnant with my baby sister. We're staying with Aunty Jenny and Uncle Ralph while our house is being built. *sigh*
  • i came of age listening to these guys on cassette in my '76 beetle.memories...i've never heard it live, it's good.
  • yeah jammin at the end, awesome
  • this is how they sound now. Still touring, and still great.
  • Is this really THE LITTLE RIVER BAND? It sounds like they drowned intheir own little river! Come on Last.fm. what is this? It sounds like a club band that wants to get off the stage as the night falls on them.The write ups are ridiculous! Where in the hell did that piano come from? Just give us the original and spare us that psychobabble Bull!
  • Lonesome, maybe ......but no loser !!!! Love ...love....love !! XXxxXX . Angie~ K . #~#~# ~# .
  • Always sounds soooo good! It really lights my toech !! XXXXxxxxXXXX . Angie.
  • I really love the chorus. Musically this song is very beautiful ! It makes me feel a little sad when I listen to the words, but I still love this track very much....!!
  • Too late and too weary to be honest for shouts. Forgive me, I will just sit,lay back and enjoy.
  • 1978 , I woke up to this track blasting every morning. Listened to whole album many times every day.
  • I want to take you !!!!!!
  • This really hits the spot. I feel very hot and bothered !!!! It's gorgeous. My back really hurts !!!!!
  • kann ich nur bestätigen.......waren superzeiten und die mucke handgemacht
  • leck leck fühl mich 30 Lenze jünger Hi Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!


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