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Little Feat

Dixie Chicken (3:54)


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  • all the boys there in the bar began to sing along.....
  • GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did I see this???? Dang it man I was so stoned in them daze...
  • Oh , YES !
  • Is that Bonnie Ratt singing back in this video?
  • great song and the album dixe chicken is a great album in my opinion not a bad song on the album
  • Iconic
  • Refrain from playing duplicates with all the Southern Rock Music that has been recorded
  • little feat is, in my humble opinion, one of the most under-rated bands of all time. lowell george one of the most under-rated musicians. great, original music from a very original band. i always loved the "Waiting for Columbus" album.
  • If you'll be my lentil curry I'll be your kidney bean stew (for us veggies).
  • great song
  • UHHHHHHH ... sooooooooooo GREAT ;-)
  • Kick it up y'all.
  • Just writing about this album after listening to a Lowell George song. Wow... My first California concert, summer of 77.
  • funktastik
  • Had some good times seeing Little Feat.
  • Lowell played with Zappa, sooooo cool
  • Had some good times listening to Little Feat!
  • Perfect size 7
  • Lowell !!
  • Good song for my 10,000th track here.
  • tasty song !
  • i remember going swimmin in the baptism pool at the first baptist church in Bellaire Tx. when i was a younster!! haha
  • I'd like to meet Ms. Right , just haven't found her yet.
  • On the agenda: Maybe not meeting Ms Right per se,but meeting Ms Right Now.
  • Nice live version. Haven't heard it before...Aces
  • Best Feat tune ever! My favorite meal may be Pig's Little Funky Feat. :-)
  • ooops i got that backwards my fav meal is Dixie chicken!!!
  • My favorite meal is Tennessee lamb!
  • this is xalint
  • Glad this is a long track...it's awesome!
  • ...one of the best songs, beat; diversity, becuz the group is diversified!
  • Beware of what you find under street lamps.
  • Crying in your beer to the bartender about a woman,big plans and lost love...One by one becomes a big sausage-fest as the other "gotten" guys chime in and he realizes they`ve all been boned,figuratively!...Harmony and the "gee whiz club" hearty laugh ensues!..Someone outta pitch this serio-comedy to the Networks,everything else on TV seems to suck!!! ..Heh heh,why not?
  • Not bad....but Lowell's vocal's are better
  • Soooo Southern!
  • Saw them in Memphis, Tn. back in the 70s. Another great party.Memphis used to be a great place.
  • wehre is da feet
  • Love my little feet
  • My favorite meal is Tennessee lamb!
  • nuttin better than DIXIE fried chicken and red beans and taters.........
  • This is not the same track from the album mentioned above, if anyone knows which album it does come from would they please let me know cos this is great, must be 10 mins in now and it just gets better.
  • Thanks J for the intro to these guys.(wink, wink)
  • the feat rock
  • großartiger Song !!!
  • I love the fact it`s going way past 4:48 !.. love that extended jam !!!
  • The Feats don`t fail me now with this gem dandy !!!
  • RIP Richie
  • don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!!! good as the tower of power break, but yeah I really miss Lowell George. RIP, big man
  • All the boys at the bar began to sing along,


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