• White Men Can't Sing The Blues?

    21 Jan 2006, 06:04 by blues_hound

    Of all the so-called truths in the world there are two that are undisputed facts. White men can't sing the blues and black men can't play Hockey. How do I know this? Because the Greeks told me so.

    The first one was told to me in the late 70s at Los Angeles KPFK studio by Johnny Otis, born Ioannis Veliotes, Greek-American. He said to me "Dawg, White people can't sing the blues." Well, he didn't call me Dawg but he did say the rest. He then explained that, while white people can't sing the blues, they can interpret the blues. I was too much in awe with the performer of "Willie and the Hand Jive", the man who discovered Little Esther, and the father of Shuggie Otis to ask him what the difference was between singing and interpreting. Maybe Shuggie knows. Some day I hope to be able to ask him.

    Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder had a bit of wisdom for us too. In 1988, he stated Blacks were not made for sports like Hockey. …