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  • Avatar for James-Joul
  • Avatar for damix199
    Do albumu "Changes" trzyma poziom, potem jest już tylko gorzej... Mimo wszystko uwielbiam ją :D Mirror's Edge <3
  • Avatar for Indy_ingle
    Still Alive <3
  • Avatar for alexadros2311
    Still Alive (AWP Remix). best remix.
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
  • Avatar for Ur0s
    Mirror's Edge! [8]
  • Avatar for alexandroqq
    Still alive (Traxx project DNB mix) <3
  • Avatar for legron
    Mirror's Edge! [7]
  • Avatar for xplodmusic
    Still Alive (Paul van Dyk Remix) !!
  • Avatar for JokerPalazzo
    Mirror's Edge! [6]
  • Avatar for kamfi3
    oh and Umea is masterpiece in pop-chill sound!
  • Avatar for kamfi3
    i'm so thankful that i've played Mirror's Edge, discovered her and her dope music !
  • Avatar for llels
    Mirror's Edge! [5]
  • Avatar for Velimirius
    Still Alive (instrumental) <3 masterpiece!
  • Avatar for MaidenTek
    Yes, it seems so. As I read, it will be out somewhen in September.
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    is she releasing a new album?
  • Avatar for WMR3
    Mirror's Edge! [4]
  • Avatar for MaidenTek
    Mirror's Edge! [3]
  • Avatar for michielVmusic
    Wild Winds is a great new single!
  • Avatar for Leifang12
    Love Lisa!!! :D
  • Avatar for fernando_covero
    ela deveria vir tocar no Brasil :D
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    I love her!!!!
  • Avatar for TheEternalMind
    Mirror's Edge! [2]
  • Avatar for Skeleney
    Ciekawe czy słuchają jej Polacy... Niesamowity głos, jestem oczarowana i nie mogę przestać słuchać.
  • Avatar for 666blade666
    Mirror's Edge! [1]
  • Avatar for Idiots-Rule
    Bought the Violent Sky album really cheap at a local media store a few days ago. Kinda like that album.
  • Avatar for inspectchenk
    Very beautiful voice!
  • Avatar for nellykfurtado
    Lover <3
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    thanks Vekke!!
  • Avatar for Itose
    Her song made Mirror's Edge for me.
  • Avatar for Vekke
    @bodomkeyboards: get the melodifestivalen album!
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    was "why start a fire" ever released? or where can I find it
  • Avatar for Leifang12
    I love Lisa Miskovsky!
  • Avatar for WDuhen
    I agree, she deserved more than ending up 9th! [2]
  • Avatar for Mu90
    She got the most beautiful lyrics, the most beautiful (and strong) voice, she's well known in Sweden and the "dancers" were amazing. I don't even have to talk about the song which was really different and intense. And she ended up 9th? Really don't understand. Hope she's working on another album. Love Lisa and please don't try MF again.
  • Avatar for michielVmusic
    Didn't expect her to finish 9th, although I think her performance could've been better. Love her song!
  • Avatar for florin94
    I ♥♥♥ Her!!!
  • Avatar for borrayretrocede
    I thought she was going to do better :(
  • Avatar for jeffreeh
    i'm glad with Loreen winning but it's a shame how low Lisa & Molly ended
  • Avatar for KylieistBoi
    Hope she wins MF on Saturday :D [3]
  • Avatar for fech96
    Hope she wins MF on Saturday :D [2]
  • Avatar for Paul-Nic
    Hope she wins MF on Saturday :D
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    Lisa is the best!!!!! I gotta find "Why Start a Fire" somewhere. does anyone know if it will be released somehow?
  • Avatar for WDuhen
    a little bit more* :D
  • Avatar for WDuhen
    I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one in here who knows Mirror's Edge, and the music made for it... I just figured.. Lisa's new song needs a little bit of the "new age" melodies, used in the games soundtracks (by Solar Fields) It would make the song more perfect for me :D
  • Avatar for WDuhen
    Why Start a Fire ♥ Sweden, please DO send her to ESC 2012!
  • Avatar for AlexRange
    Lisa is the best! Better than Danny!:) and better than Loreen! She must win! [2]
  • Avatar for Leifang12
  • Avatar for dannyboy77
    OMG! Lisa is the best! Better than Danny!:) [2]. She is great I only found out about her from watching 'Melodifestivalen' Now just playing her album 'Violent Sky' - Its great and her new song is even better! :)
  • Avatar for BzykuBzyku
    OMG! Lisa is the best! Better than Danny!:) and better than Loreen! She must win!


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