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  • Avatar for Kyle_James
    I wish she had released The 90's as a single and given us a video. Would have been awesome. I could picture a tongue in cheek recreation of the Stay video.
  • Avatar for areooo
    ♡♥ I do & Stay ♥♡
  • Avatar for bytor4232
    She is so damn adorable. Any one ever watch her reality show? SO charming.
  • Avatar for giraffe97
  • Avatar for usamike
    she's clearly the earlier brunette taylor swift singer ! Same style, different color, and same pleasure to listen to...
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    Such a great artist. Perfect voice and painfully cute. She is who Sarah Palin was hoping people might think of her as. lol
  • Avatar for DarkRivitHead
    what a cutie pie.. :-) [2]
  • Avatar for GreySkyline
    I really like her glasses.
  • Avatar for himay333
    Some days require that you listen to Lisa Loeb - today is one of those days...
  • Avatar for Dj-BlackJack
    a woman with glasses and guitar always looks sexy [3]
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    what a cutie pie.. :-)
  • Avatar for topjim
    lovely Loebs
  • Avatar for off_topic
    a woman with glasses and guitar always looks sexy [2]
  • Avatar for jadedingenue
    I uploaded a bunch of photos, for anyone interested in checking them out/voting.
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    New record is dope.
  • Avatar for jason138
    i wish she would write a song about me ... but a kind one ;O)))
  • Avatar for LadySwansong
    Im from uk and cant get the three new acoustic songs :( pretty plase can someone help
  • Avatar for Kyle_James
    Loving the new album, a bit generic sounding in parts, but a lot better than "The Way It Really Is"!
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Firecracker (the song) ALWAYS gets me.
  • Avatar for pondrafi
    woman with glasses and guitar always looks sexy
  • Avatar for off_topic
    ♡♥ I do & Stay ♥♡
  • Avatar for maryglend
    love it...
  • Avatar for lavonnaharris
    "And you say I only hear what I want to ..... / And you say I talk SO all the time, SO ...." beautiful lyrics and even more beautiful vocals!!!!! I absolutely adore Lisa Loeb!! <3 - LaVonna Harris
  • Avatar for Batiste369
    Her voice is so sweet & and her lyrics are eerily intriguing <3
  • Avatar for saimily
    i am so in love with her. I buy a Lisa Loeb Glass for my girl friend from,and I get a free Lisa Loeb sunglass,AHA~~~~
  • Avatar for Kyle_James
    "The time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love!"
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
  • Avatar for Kyle_James
    C'mon Lisa, hurry up with that new album you're working on. That or at least put a new clip on your website.
  • Avatar for muhinsankamil
    gorgeous !
  • Avatar for VrouwTheelepel
    My very first album was Tails back in 1994 when I was just 14 years old!! I still lover her!!
  • Avatar for inmemorandum
    This needs to be voted UP!
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    Oh hi, Lisa.
  • Avatar for laserdanger
    Just met her, super cool. I'm a fan now just based on her being such a nice person.
  • Avatar for Larintha
    So epic, i am so in love with her. I want to marry her.
  • Avatar for alfonzoloya
    I love her sweet voice
  • Avatar for Biscuit1978
    Come and join the group [url=]Female Singer-songwriter of the week[/url]. Nominate your 5 favourites each week and see who gets into the Hall of Fame.
  • Avatar for muldrake
    Mega fox.
  • Avatar for Batiste369
    I am really loving Lisa Loeb right now! Her voice is really beautiful and her lyrics are emotionally thought provoking....I'm thinking about getting one of her albums. hmmm, maybe i'll start with Nine Tails
  • Avatar for RtotheCore
    Hey, Lisa fans... check out another great singer-songwriter (who is also bespectacled ;) ): My Best Revenge, here at or at (the debut single is up for free download!).
  • Avatar for Raphdabumbling
    The voice of an angel!
  • Avatar for vindakharisma
    i love stay! touching :(
  • Avatar for nonameiwant
    oh hey i remember when I was 8 and my older sister got the album Tails. Yeah... that album is still amazing.
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    new album plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lisa: i love u so much
  • Avatar for Leptossomico
    Never heard about her...
  • Avatar for leastifallalone
    lisa, come to germany, pleeeaaaassse!!!! [2] ...some new pictures up! = )
  • Avatar for jason138
    lisa, come to germany, pleeeaaaassse!!!!
  • Avatar for frankiesimo
    I hope we get to hear some new tunes sometime soon from her! She's so great ♥ Two more HQ images added to her gallery.
  • Avatar for Firebombs
    heard stay in family guy, and fell in love.
  • Avatar for brubs-
    I only hear what I want to <3
  • Avatar for DoomeyDoomey
    Ok why do I find Lisa so attractive?


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