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  • Avatar for xGothicMelody
    Perfect chorus indeed! The lyrics are so dark - one of the best songs period. [2]
  • Avatar for dani_sht
    Perfect chorus indeed! The lyrics are so dark - one of the best songs period.
  • Avatar for proxximo169
    I miss this LP. =( [4]
  • Avatar for Gabriel2896
    Perfect chorus.
  • Avatar for Anrel
    the best of LP and if you don't know this song and album u don't know LP at all
  • Avatar for ElvenStone38
    I miss this LP. =( [3]
  • Avatar for AutumnSodomy
    I miss this LP. =( [2]
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    The bass is actually pretty basic. I do love the chorus to this...
  • Avatar for aimena__
  • Avatar for DDevilized
  • Avatar for Nisse92
    Best Linkin Park song ever. Ever.
  • Avatar for soFFa4ka
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    Thanks Axel!
  • Avatar for fantazyero
    Amazing old track!!!! Love old LP.
  • Avatar for brunofin didn't get the link to Wikipedia right on my last comment. Just copy and paste it including the _(EP) at the end if you're interested in reading it.
  • Avatar for brunofin
    this song is from even before they were LP. They were called Hybrid Theory (the title of their first album as LP :P ) This is from their first EP, Hibrid Theory EP.
  • Avatar for CrAzYbRiT15
    amazing song<3
  • Avatar for LOLsharms
    fly with me under the wings I gave you, try to be closer to me and I'll save you <333
  • Avatar for rawkergirl
    I miss this LP. =(
  • Avatar for ScarlettkLove
    awesome song!
  • Avatar for yoshimitsuxXx
    LOL....i heard egyption scream and said"stupid copyright ruels"LOL.......i give this song 11/10 love it
  • Avatar for Anaszaman
    This Wonderful song
  • Avatar for LOLsharms
    this song used to scare me when I was 8 but I LUVD IT ANYWAY
  • Avatar for mishch
    amazing song!
  • Avatar for nyork_binox
    I really really miss the old school Linkin Park :(
  • Avatar for KoRnish-san
    Wow, such a great song by the same band that recorded Numb, Papecut, and all that other crap ? Incredible!
  • Avatar for My4oKFanLP
    old school LP. cool song!
  • Avatar for Will-o-z-Wisp
  • Avatar for Granite_LP
    Oh my god! Under Attack and Splitting the DNA are not from LP! Pirate must die!
  • Avatar for LoveAlchemist
    Nick Dynmo, you're absolutely correct. I have it under hybrid theory but the auto correct leads it back to linkin park.
  • Avatar for mpxx24
    great song..
  • Avatar for -ichi-
    Amazing song
  • Avatar for pervert_girl
    old school d00d
  • Avatar for H3LLB0Y
    One very, very good song.
  • Avatar for TheSHOCK919
    This song is kick ass.
  • Avatar for Ned-suki
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    Hardest/Darkest stuff by LP (aka HT), no?
  • Avatar for anthonydwjh
    this is old school LP!
  • Avatar for shes_a_maverick
    I seriously forgot about this song.
  • Avatar for razoOr
    The Name HT EP is right but the cover is really not the right one ..the reason that this album isn't listed at amazon or other stores is that it's never really released because of name can read it on
  • Avatar for Legop4o
    hybrid theory EP also has nother cover...
  • Avatar for avrilRlavigne
  • Avatar for StickyFinga
    Still loving it.
  • Avatar for sancezz
    Brilliant song. They needed songs in this sort of style on Hybrid Theory...although it does have a much darker tone than that album. I like Chester's like humming type in the background of the instrumental the track a very dark tone.
  • Avatar for maplejet
    I never heard this track before
  • Avatar for NickDynmo
    This song is by Hybrid Theory, before they were called Linkin Park. It's on the Hybrid Theory LP. If I could edit this, I would.
  • Avatar for yashrg
    No Hybrid theory album listing on amazon or itunes music store has this song. whats the deal with that?

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