• Recommendation: Lingua

    14 Jun 2006, 09:23 by AndyFalkous

    As i found out that not many people are listening to Lingua here on Last.fm, i decided to write my journal about them. I don't know much about the band, but i think they're from Sweden and consinst of 4 people. I just LOVE their music and that's enough. Their debut is called "The Smell of a Life that could have been" and was released a month ago or so. Now to the question: "What bands do they sound like?"

    Well, imagine a mix between Tool and Chevelle and you're pretty close. They sometimes remind me of Oceansize as well.
    The guitars and riffs are quite "toolish" and the singer(s) often sing quite similar to Maynard. The songs are not that complex that's why i brought up Chevelle as an associaton. As standout-track on their record i recommend Constant State of Puttra, coz it sums up pretty well what the band stands for and sounds like.

    Alright folks, make sure you check them out, for they're one of my favourite newcomers this year (along with Wolfmother, of course ;) ).