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    14 Feb 2012, 01:43 by linkayburk

    In the songs presented here, Linda Kay has provided selections from two different albums - "Sunshine Is Love" which is a children's album, and "Singing The Songs Of My Heart", an album with a more mature, adult contemporary style of music. Both albums are delightful, and exhibit a pure voice, heartfelt themes, and classic good songwriting. The production is excellent, as well. Each song is meticulously arranged with the proper instrumentation to capture its particular magic.

    Since the playlist on Indie-Music is different than the song order on the albums, I will go in the order presented here.

    "Rainbow Bubble" is fun and sweet, "Butterfly Land on Me" is a calming instrumental, and "Live in the Moment, Now!" opens with easily lapping ocean waves and mentions joyous dolphins. How's that for light-hearted and relaxing? And the songs offer more than melody and words - there is always a message of hope or a grain of wisdom, too.