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  • Does anybody know anything about the song 'Only You'? Ron Taylor vocals, sounds as if it was recorded in the earls 90's. I can't find it on youtube or even on a Google search. Sounds very similar to the tracks on Fields of Yesterday, so the demo may date from that period....if so wonder why it never made that compilation. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Last week, I've listened more than 100 different 80's Glam/Hair metal bands (3+ songs from each band).But, Lillian Axe remain my fave, closely followed by Saigon Kick and Great White. Lillian Axe simply had the finest melodies and most charismatic lyrics which make Guns n'Roses, Kiss, and Motley Crue, sound like average. A 'Top-100 billboard'(in '92) is very small reward for such a great music like Lillian Axe. It's strange to figure why these guys not only did not make a huge breakthrough within Glam/Hair metal, but not even in the White Metal genre; given that they had lot of religious influences in many songs. I mean they sound much better than Stryper or White Lion. Their only issue, was their somewhat raw productions. My fave Lillian Axe tracks so far : Poetic Justice, All's Fair in Love and War, Thirst, Anna Lee, Hard Luck, Deep In The Black, Fear Of Time, The needle and your pain Stop the hate, Here is a Cristmas, Dyin' To Live , Ghost of Winter, The Last Goodbye, Throw You Away
  • The new CD, One Night In The Temple, is a masterpiece, for sure.... They took their songs to a whole new artistic level!!
  • I really dig this band. They're so good.
  • Very good rock band, and a bit underrated
  • Sarah you can try on filestube or filetram
  • love them so much!! one of the best hair-metal bands ever!) really talanted
  • Brothers and Sisters of the Blade!
  • Another hidden gem,love and war the best album
  • The new album is more than fairly good, I'd say.
  • singer in Body Double tune reminds me of Mike Patton of Faith No More
  • The new album is very nice surprise! ;)
  • They just don't have music like this anymore. One of the most under-rated bands of the 80s. She Likes It On Top and My Number are some of my favorites.... long live Lillian Axe!!
  • it's a sad day...
  • Goooooood...it's great
  • Big Talent... Underrated. Psychoschizophrenia is a great album.
  • had the new album a while now..obv its a bit of a stopgap for something bigger, with the reworkings n all...disappointed as a result. i like 47 ways to die but somethings not right with the band atm, any thoughts anyone? also, is it me, or do all the axe singers sound pretty similar..if you hear jonny vines, ron taylor, derek or ronny they all sing in a similar vein. listen to fields of yesterday taylor demo and the one on waters rising, youll see what i mean!
  • she likes it on top its a great track n.n
  • I only had the first two tapes, so I wasn't familiar with the current members (thought that singer looked a little young!). However their performance was kickass and they sounded GREAT! I can't wait to listen to the later albums!
  • Coming soon -- Deep Red Shadows -- On Love & War Records, via Sony(RED) ... Gonna be a kickass album.. Track list released on Lillian Axe website!
  • Sad Day on Planet Earth is a solid Album...but Fire, Blood, the Earth and Sea is such a badass Song! Very Epic.
  • A band that never got the fame they deserved. And that's sad for they are really good musicians.
  • My fave tune is #She Likes It on Top =D
  • see you in someday , best song
  • the best
  • Very Good band i like it))YEAHH
  • i love theaxe but thought sad day on planet earth was their worst album. but a truely awesome group
  • The fact that I am the only person who said something about their new album... is sad a bit, it deserves much more attention.
  • one of the best bands of their era hands down. criminally underatted. i think it was ron taylor who let the band down a bit, but i still think hes awesome. steve blaze knows how to write a song
  • All's fair in love n war & body double
  • Somehow this band managed to do well during the grunge era unlike other bands of their type...thats really cool.
  • She Likes it On Top!
  • New album is very good, though previous one was better.
  • this band is totally underrated, new song ignite is kick-ass!@
  • New album upcoming on June 30th, yay.
  • LOVE + WAR!
  • OK kickass fucken great
  • Real pretty song...I like it..Thanks Bobby.
  • such a great band!!
  • Superb group. One of that kicking ass ith every riff.
  • Ohoh, sweet memories. But a band wich is able to take the 80s to todays world of music. Hope to hear new stuff. will buy for music......
  • Lillian Axe put on a great show last weekend with Zebra in New Orleans ,La. at the Howlin Wolf..
  • So underrated....they are great, one of the best Melodic Hardrockbands ever!
  • Why this band is known so little? is fucking GREAT
  • Steve Blaze ... amazing guitarist


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