• Lil' Wayne's Rebirth Review

    4 Mar 2010, 01:21 by glmh101

    ReBIRTH (2010)
    Lil’ Wayne
    Rating 1/5
    A sports gambling theory for the Super Bowl or other big games with a wait before it is something is obvious but you start talking yourself into the opposite to kill the wait, chances are what was obvious was for a reason. The same concept goes with the notation of Lil’ Wayne making a rock album. You hear about it and laugh. Then you think about it and convince yourself that Wayne could do a rap heavier version of Linkin Park. He could try what The Roots are famous for, having a rock band instead of a DJ and rap like normal. He could also do what Framing Hanley did – turn a rap song (Wayne’s “Lollipop”) into rock songs. He could even keep rapping like normal, but just rock influenced production and have rock artists opposed to rappers as his featured guests. But it did not take the 51 minutes of Rebirth, but you realize almost instantaneously that you are listening to a train wreck.