• haha now this is more like it (musings on my past weeks listening)

    30 Jul 2006, 18:41 by mimic

    1.Zyklon [30]
    This first entry is entirely down to the kick-ass new album out by these guys. I am liking it alot. probably one of the few metal albums for a while i am properly getting into. good work zyklon. Also i really wanna go see them sometime soon, i think they are playing in london. might have to drag some people to that.
    2.Vader [23]
    And damn if Vader, kings of death metal, don't kick ass too. i just got hold of The Beast and so have been giving that a wirl. think litany is still my fave by them though. Great lyrics.
    3.Agoraphobic Nosebleed [18]
    ehehe i love these guys and i finally got the pcp tornado reissue ripped and so it's showing up when i listen to it rather than having it on random cd-players. alot of the tracks on the original album (pcp tornado) are too short to show up still. lucky there are a load of awesome remixes. sweet.
    4.Angerfist [14]
    bit of a change of pace but also not in a way as these hardcore beats kick ass. …
  • 2006 Albums

    14 Jul 2006, 06:01 by _Snuff_

    I said I was going to do this a long time ago, so here it is. What' I've heard of 2006:

    Mogwai - Mr. Beast

    Boris - Pink

    Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue

    Cannibal Corpse - Kill

    Pitbulls in the Nursery - Lunatic

    Islands - Return To The Sea

    Jesu - Silver
    10/10 (That was biased...)

    Behold... The
    /Orthrelm split
    7/10 only because Arctopus side was good, Orthrelm wasn't. They need a fucking bassist.

    Clawn - Deathless Beauty Of Silence

    The Abominable Iron Sloth - s/t

    Tusk - Get Ready
    5/10 I see this getting lots of praise but I don't know why.

    Cretin - Freakery

    Rebel Meets Rebel (David Allen Coe & Pantera)
    8/10 Lots of people didn't like this, but I do (sometimes).

    Final - 3

    Exhumed - Split With Ingrowing (Something Sickened This Way Comes/To Clone And To Enforce)

    Ultralord - We Hate You And Hope You Die

    Lust of Decay - Purity Through Dismemberment
  • Scream-a-long Records

    20 Feb 2006, 18:38 by yasw

    A couple of weeks ago I stumpled upon this netlabel and it has some very cool bands, and are still releasing new ones. It is mostly brutal death metal, grindcore and IDM bands, but if you are into that stuff - some bands are defiantly worth so listen to. And because it is a netlabel all the releases is availiable for free download :-)

    The seem to specialize in noisy grind-like bands, and as far as I understand, the man behind the netlabel is also behind Lightning War, which plays some brutal cybergrind stuff. Very neat and funny :D Some other cool grind-like bands like Ballgag, Snuff Fetish and my favorite Nefarious Baptism is specially worth listening to if you like noisy grind. And VomitKrusher also.

    The label also has some more "traditional" death metal bands. Like Erzebet and BWAHCK. Goryptic and Grotesque could easily have been some new release from Unique Leader Records or some other major death metal label! It's really good and fucking brutal. Senicide is very raw and guttural death metal. …