• new album update...other things

    14. Apr. 2008, 17:59 von themissing

    yes. speaking directly from the source here.

    just wanted to let everyone know i'm still working on the new album. kind of having an identity crisis at the moment which may end up in me starting a new project for material that doesn't quite fit the LFADS mold. been in a very heavy, noisy mindframe lately and many of the new songs are teetering on the edge of being punk. either way, i'll be updating the myspace page (as well as this one) with new material shortly.

    hope everyone is doing well :)

    more soon.


  • Isis - Avalon - New York - May 4, 2006

    7. Mai. 2006, 20:30 von JehovahMilton

    I finally got to see one of my new favorite bands play live.

    I didn't first get into Isis until around Labor Day of 2005 when I was turned on to Oceanic through Last.FM. I had long been in search of a band that could succesfully consolidate the intricate subtleties of post-rock with the cathartic forcefulness of metal. On first listen, I was immediately impressed and found myself drawn to this band unlike any other in quite some time. In fact, I was so excited by my new discovery at the time that when I visited their website and saw just one show listed on their tour schedule, I almost went so far as to travel to Chicago to see them at the Metro in October 2005. Luckily my patience paid off and instead, Isis came to me.

    As soon as tickets were made available, I began making plans with my bandmates to make a night of it. Unfortunately, of the other guys in Lightfromadeadstar, only Will was able to make it come showtime.

    The show was held at Avalon (formerly Limelight) which is an old gothic church converted into a nightclub. …