• 1981 - The Review

    13. Apr. 2007, 3:43 von Kattastic

    Radio 1981

    Relive the music of 1981 at

    it might jog a few memories for the 1981 lyrics game, eh?

    Beginnings and Endings

    1981 for me is a year marked by some pretty big endings and beginnings……..

    The beginning of me buying my own music and the end of only listening to parents and sisters records (though not the end of their influence as I’m still listening to ABBA, Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp, Village People etc etc)

    The beginnings of the New Wave and the New Romantics as 1981 was the year that saw the first record releases by such luminaries as Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet - aaaaaaaaahhhhhh JOY!

    The real tail end of the disco era as ABBA released their last studio album “The Visitors” in 1981, while the Village People felt the pressure of changing musical styles and tried to go all New Romantic with “Renaissance” (which by the way…