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  • Avatar for scottyftw
    Fuck everyone, everything from S.O.S.E is awesome
  • Avatar for BoneGnawer
    I definitely prefer their earlier stuff, but the new material isn't too bad either.
  • Avatar for inkmaths
    the old mosh-deathcore stuff is very cool, later stuff is unfortunate though
  • Avatar for oliolioxinfree
    moshcore for life
  • Avatar for social_hater
    New Song I AM <3
  • Avatar for Zombienation333
    @brootinho you should see his girlfriend... o.O
  • Avatar for thrashidolatry
    I don't like their early stuff at all, but man, am I glad I gave Future Revisionists a chance!
  • Avatar for StrangledLife
    i checked it out and nope, it sounds like deathcore
  • Avatar for PastSanctuary
    early liferuiner is definitely beatdown, sorry to disappoint you.
  • Avatar for Misanthropist9
    I doubt that people who are tagging this as beatdown have ever heard beatdown lol
  • Avatar for Slurmz94 new live pic
  • Avatar for mindtravel89 NEW AKELA Song!! »Akela« will be released on colored vinyl and a download via Midsummer Records on August 1st, 2014. Preorder starts und June 30th. Pressing info: 100x clear w/ white smoke 400x solid yellow
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar for ItsAShotgunBaby
    Self Purgatory does some things to my feelings.
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
    The latest album is their best
  • Avatar for brootinho
    it's kinda obvious that Jonny is gay
  • Avatar for volatyle
    Listened to Emmure and then Liferuiner back to back because hehehehehehehe
  • Avatar for BrootalK1d
  • Avatar for stan2099
  • Avatar for sexsixsic
    Hi there! Check this out!!
  • Avatar for brootinho
    I was wrong and now I love Future Revisionists
  • Avatar for brootinho
    donutcore [2]
  • Avatar for mikkasscar
  • Avatar for brootinho
    New album is ok but not as good as S.O.S.E. EP
  • Avatar for alexaCollective
    i love their new sound im diggin the huge drone doom influence you can hear its like a straight edge version of bullet for my dying bride
  • Avatar for wickidwim
    more like slam metal
  • Avatar for Robbie3012
    one of my favourite brutal death metal bands
  • Avatar for alexaCollective
    i want a ticket to the pussy crusher
  • Avatar for matheuzimsccp
    New album is really good. I like their new sound [3]
  • Avatar for marco244
    New album is really good. I like their new sound [2]
  • Avatar for Hypnostradamus
    one of the best (and only) hardcore bands I listen to
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
    New album is really good. I like their new sound
  • Avatar for horiiz0ns
    new album is soooo awesome :D
  • Avatar for horiiz0ns
    new picture uploaded:
  • Avatar for escapeXplan
    New album is amazing! especially Feeling/Meaning is my Favourite! :D
  • Avatar for spideralex90
    The new stuff is far better. The old stuff way way to brocore.
  • Avatar for Yelonas
    kurwa jest pierdolniecie
  • Avatar for sickdeadcorpse
    Thamior666, gtfo
  • Avatar for Thamior666
    new album suck
  • Avatar for jaimefishman
    new album is sooo good~
  • Avatar for GeorgyTheMonkey
    To be honest,their new stuff is FUCKIN' amazing.
  • Avatar for Pokolfattya
  • Avatar for HeartCore88
    Solid album. I hope it get's better the more I listen to it though.
  • Avatar for nicobellic1994
    This is some brutal shit.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    [url=]Fissure[/url] Fuckn good shit. Future Revisionists drops on June 4th. \m/
  • Avatar for pingpongrac
    Me Gusta Reviews:
  • Avatar for Hardbizqiut
    Dreamcatcher epic song!
  • Avatar for Dave_9999
    Dreamcatcher is fucking sick, looking forward for the LP [2]
  • Avatar for pronemortalform
    New song is promising.
  • Avatar for Presumably
    Dreamcatcher is fucking sick, looking forward for the LP


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