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  • Avatar for JhoyNanynha
    Everything ♥
  • Avatar for mufasastone
    Not cool
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    "How come Someone Else's Song has so few listeners??!! O.O" --- because it's not the right track title
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    Not their best, but amazing first kick as LH.
  • Avatar for usamike
    [2] I can't scrobble Uknown, and it's driving me fucking crazy, how do I do it guys? i guess the web programer considered "unknow" title song as a no-tag information, plus there is "no name" in the album title. we should send this information to the support
  • Avatar for Sal-ival
    their best for sure.
  • Avatar for jjamavizca
    I can't scrobble Uknown, and it's driving me fucking crazy, how do I do it guys?
  • Avatar for TheFatChocobo
    Gotta love the cover.
  • Avatar for No1SuperBrianMo
    How come Someone Else's Song has so few listeners??!! O.O
  • Avatar for sejaeterno
  • Avatar for keztorquato
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    June 6 2011 - I'm 20, NNF is 10. ♥
  • Avatar for telephonedance
    favourite album at 13.
  • Avatar for Mighty_Onigiri
    There isn't a single song in this album that isn't good ~
  • Avatar for Fury112
    childhood favourite : D.
  • Avatar for THAY22SPILLER
    i loooooooooooooove
  • Avatar for roxyjo
    I think this is such a great album - and a fantastic debut. The lyrics are so beautiful. It's easily my favorite by Lifehouse.
  • Avatar for evanpl
    amazing album
  • Avatar for jeleco
    One of the best albums ever^^ [2]
  • Avatar for kbeto
    Easily, one of the best albums ever released!
  • Avatar for GiroPro
    Talanted boys. With their Music from soul. Lifehouse is best album
  • Avatar for amber922
    One of the best albums ever^^
  • Avatar for Jastol
    Best album of theirs IMO!!!!!
  • Avatar for byanji
    "Smoke & mirrors is a joke when compared to this masterpiece!" I so agree! The best Lifehouse album so far. And I think they won't have any better album than this one in the future.
  • Avatar for Simaop25
    Smoke & mirrors is a joke when compared to this masterpiece! Their best album ever, even after all these years, they just can't beat this! ^^
  • Avatar for xSharmayne
    Best album ever.
  • Avatar for dw0_7aw
    acabo de descubrir este grupo gracias a last, bie grupo
  • Avatar for tombradybg
    Simon and Everything <3
  • Avatar for Bcheyoung
    best :)
  • Avatar for azul185
    lifehouse es lo mejor me fascina como suena como tocan sus letrasçme encanta siempre me pone de buen humor
  • Avatar for martinsvie
    Lifehouse é perfeito.... Amo d+ todas s músicas
  • Avatar for tombradybg
    This album is amazing!
  • Avatar for Lifehousefan666
    Love this song!!!
  • Avatar for kozlotura
    Someone else's Song !!!
  • Avatar for Paatzinha
  • Avatar for amberlovechrist
    all their songs are great
  • Avatar for quickstrick
    It's good
  • Avatar for ginoray
    i'll always be a lifehouse fan. ;D
  • Avatar for snewk
    i, like everybody else in the world, bought this album in 2000 for 'hanging by a moment.' but i soon discovered how brilliant the rest of album is. trying, quasimodo, simon: so powerful. lifehouse will never top this.
  • Avatar for hadexo
    I heard this album when it was released back in the day and liked it, now that I'm listening to it again, I still like it, awesome album =D
  • Avatar for viacassia
    Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
  • Avatar for rafaelsiza
  • Avatar for bernike
    trop bien
  • Avatar for GomziBomzi
    absolutely great album. love it!
  • Avatar for Akio17
    Brasil invadindo o haoeuhoah
  • Avatar for c0ldmusic
    Everything, Breathing, Sick Cycle Carousel, Hanging by a Moment. Thease songs makes me wanna hear them everyday.
  • Avatar for shades79
  • Avatar for maariiii
    Nooossaaa, eu amo MUITO lifehouse, e graças a smallville que eu conheci eles, desde então, minha banda favorita, não tem banda que tenha melhor melodia, com o melhor vocalista e as melhores letras!
  • Avatar for _juh
    Concordo totalmente com a pessoa abaixo! ;)

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