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  • Avatar for 1000julys
    Out of the Wasteland is definitely up there, i'll give you that! Really good album.
  • Avatar for LifehouseMinion
    Out of the Wasteland...BEST ALBUM OF 2015!
  • Avatar for simptim
    Tell me for what reason I am doing here?
  • Avatar for 1000julys
    The new album is a real return to form. so much better than almera
  • Avatar for Range341
    This band really gets better with age. I love how they experiment with different sounds but never forget their roots.
  • Avatar for essykins
    Smallville introduce me to many wonderful artists such as Lifehouse. This fantastic show made me fall in love with Lifehouse's music! I love how each album has different musical styles...proving how they've matured as artists from their first album! I love all their albums...which I can't always say it true for all the artists I listen to.
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    Listening to LH since 2002 and finally tonight I'm going to see them live. Can't describe the emotions.
  • Avatar for ivarh
    No Name Face is a classic album these days
  • Avatar for JonStark4
    Holy shit! What a top top band!
  • Avatar for Khalysto
    Out Of The Wasteland ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for Khalysto
    Stardust <3
  • Avatar for rachaelc1878
    The new album is a decent listen :).
  • Avatar for edwayles
    New album is wonderful; thanks guys for that old feeling in the songs. ♡ [2]
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    New album is wonderful; thanks guys for that old feeling in the songs. ♡
  • Avatar for marcellascapim
    Esse último álbum é tão bom. Estou amando. Não paro de escutar. Out Of The Wasteland <3
  • Avatar for junioredighieri
    Almeria ♥
  • Avatar for marcosandrade88
    Out Of The Wasteland ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for FIIoom
    new album is bad; thanks guys for old songs
  • Avatar for byanji
    Central Park is so beautiful, I adore this song. The new album is amazing.
  • Avatar for FelipeFerrazF
    Out Of The Wasteland ♥
  • Avatar for sejaeterno
    Stardust <3
  • Avatar for Moonderwall
    da bess
  • Avatar for kalvin2
    New album is great. Hurricane, flight, stardust, central park and firing squad should do great on the radio.
  • Avatar for umosay
    Central Park is great, definitely feels like it could have come off 'Lifehouse' album. The album definitely feels like a compilation of all their styles to date, their best album for a good while. Bonus tracks are good too.
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    I want to marry "Central Park". ♡
  • Avatar for danishahmed69
  • Avatar for RaizaRegina
  • Avatar for nanishi89
    Hey, I am going for my first Lifehouse concert :) I have a question to the ones who already saw LH live... ... Do the gays stay after or hang a little longer near the venue? I am asking because I want to see them, get my CD signed, take a photo with them... Is it possible or like most stars they just get back to the bus and go to another gig? :) ):
  • Avatar for IL-91
    "Out of the Wasteland" is a decent album, but their earliest stuff seems more heartfelt
  • Avatar for litmd
  • Avatar for FelipeGaribaldi
  • Avatar for Peboels234
    My favourites are Only You're The One, Everything and Flight.
  • Avatar for Metalmania91
    Lifehouse I love this band. I've been listening to them since 2000
  • Avatar for synmesjasza
    Fantastyczny zespół z tych które budzą myśli i serca .
  • Avatar for heldx
    Só me fazem chorar, melhores músicas ♥
  • Avatar for BrunaTSS
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    I'm so happy they re-recorded Wish and decided to give it a home on the next album. I've always loved the old demo version. [2] "Wish" is a small diamond. So happy!
  • Avatar for Nocioni
    Скатились в УГ, хотя такие вещи раньше творили, на века. Новый сингл, соответственно, тоже не очень.
  • Avatar for OnUrb_88
    I'm so happy they re-recorded Wish and decided to give it a home on the next album. I've always loved the old demo version.
  • Avatar for NicolasMoaabe
    wish <3
  • Avatar for Felipe_Ferraz
    You and Me ♥
  • Avatar for YokaiShinari You belong to me piano cover, my friend's, enjoy!
  • Avatar for FelipeFerrazF
    Hurricane ❤ [3]
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    Old LH is back for good... so exciting! ♡
  • Avatar for LeH450
    Hurricane ❤ [2]
  • Avatar for Anne1806
    Hurricane ❤
  • Avatar for umosay
    Hurricane is nice as a simple single, but will lack replay value because it's too short and simple... much prefer something with a bit more depth like Flight. Wish they would make some longer songs again.
  • Avatar for byanji
    The new album's gonna be beyond awesome. I love the new tracks!
  • Avatar for YgorMathews
    Hurricane ❤
  • Avatar for SellyArnold
    Flight [8]


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