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  1. St. Louis Hardcore.


  3. FOCUSEDXMINDS is a Straight Edge band out of Milwaukee, WI. FxM stands for forward thinking and the Straight Edge, The demo is available now for…

  4. Seattle, WA

  5. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  6. El Monte Youth Authority

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. Hardcore from Western Massachusetts.


  9. Louisville, KY straight edge hardcore band formed in 2010.

  10. A hardcore band from Atlanta, Ga.

  11. Ex members of Under One Flag, Palehorse, and countless other bands. Empire of Rats are a Hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio. No Peace 7" is out…

  12. There are different artists from different genre's that go by the name 'Rock Bottom'. Three are mentioned below.

    1. Hardcore/Heavy Metal Band.…

  13. Rad new hardcore band from San Jose, California
    Vice Grip EP

  14. Hardcore band from Indiana/Kentucky

  15. CodexRed
    Reno Straight Edge

  16. 1. Bandung, Indonesia 80s post-hardcore / alternative.


  17. Everyone in this band is mentally ill.

  18. Colorado Hardcore 2011, comin at ya.

  19. Hardcore from Richmond, VA


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