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  • Avatar for paintchipsaway
    Destined for Anything is so good it makes me cry
  • Avatar for deadbysun
  • Avatar for WordsComeBack
  • Avatar for LaserBoooy
    i'd wash out their dirty condoms if they'd come back!!!
  • Avatar for Domi_the_Freak
    Destined for Anything > Runaways [3]
  • Avatar for paintchipsaway
    Back when hardcore was the shit, damn I wish they could come back
  • Avatar for johanNMA
    this is a life of hesitation
  • Avatar for RobinHarder
    i miss this band so much. [2]
  • Avatar for matthewsage
    Check out HRBRS' new EP "Nothing/Everything" at
  • Avatar for bazokin
    бля, где я был раньше
  • Avatar for Sirhctronch
    r.i.p they should have a comeback show the first time i saw them i saw the lead singer getting out of the van all blown
  • Avatar for xheavensendx
    Destined for Anything is a CLASSIC
  • Avatar for THEHOLYGHOST_
  • Avatar for TomSutraLovi
    New song, check it and share it if you think it's worth it!
  • Avatar for what-i-see
  • Avatar for matthewsage
    Relations (ex-Harbours) is a new melodic hardcore band from southern California who play fast, honest, heartfelt hardcore. Check out their debut EP:
  • Avatar for bruisedfeet
    miss u - jimmie
  • Avatar for captainxplanet
    I miss this band so much!
  • Avatar for KeviNigga
    Runaways has so much replay value, and these guys are underappreciated.
  • Avatar for xNomore
    time stands still ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for matheusandrade
    check out my band! we've just uploaded a track from our first ep.
  • Avatar for xCappox
    De lo bueno lo mejor!!
  • Avatar for xSmoochyx
    such a great band! [2]
  • Avatar for yurii_n
    Life Long Tragedy <3
  • Avatar for cesar_recall
    such a great band!
  • Avatar for DudeLooksLikeMe
    check the following vid from a four-piece chaotic hardcore/ mathcore band from berlin/germany:
  • Avatar for Bapho91
    Runaways <3 [3]
  • Avatar for emilperssonhej
    this band was soo good, both records are epic but i'd have to say that i prefer destined for anything
  • Avatar for lbjybc
    Runaways <3 [2]
  • Avatar for JesusDanza
  • Avatar for Alex8V
  • Avatar for My_Own_Enemy
    Non of my fav r even in a top 15
  • Avatar for holeinthesock
    senin grubunu sikeyim orospu cocugu yeter amk
  • Avatar for Mad_Premti
    hey check out my band - you can also get 2 free downloads on our fb page -!/pages/DEADMATH/299203462977
  • Avatar for BLZitChristina
    i loved you.
  • Avatar for BLZitChristina
    You have to understand that everything we have is meaningless, unless we truly know where we stand. This isn't just for show but some may never see the limitless potential within you and me. If you can't find the words, maybe there's nothing left to say. Remember that this world still spins regardless of your decisions. So make them count, don't lie to yourself. This life's too fucking short to be someone else. One breath at a time, I'll live day to day, and the things that mean the most could never be explained
  • Avatar for JesusDanza
    Man, Runaways is epic. [2] especially sweet innocence
  • Avatar for Spartannnn
    Man, Runaways is epic.
  • Avatar for Mikeyveganphoto
    Runaways was fucking dark as hell sounding and a lot more depressing. Runaways was the best album to end on.
  • Avatar for Exile92
    FYI, riseabove_'s shout was ironic. LOL
  • Avatar for ekmeister
    runaways < runaways
  • Avatar for xNomore
    RIP (L)
  • Avatar for riseabove_
    can't believe there are so many narrow-minded fags like exile92 out there
  • Avatar for Spartannnn
    VVVVV this
  • Avatar for Exile92
    Don't be silly, Runaways destroys all their other stuff.
  • Avatar for JesusDanza
    you cant really compare destined for anything and runaways. they are both very different album. both great in their own way.
  • Avatar for Trava24
    destined for anything > runaways [2]
  • Avatar for KsaysFightFear
    fuck dude. actually i mistook the line "Sometimes the only way out is just another dead end." for the other.
  • Avatar for KsaysFightFear
    different song. he says both on the album. i know what quote youre talking about, but he also says the other
  • Avatar for ekmeister
    i can remember him screaming "we're all goddamned" but no such thing as stated below


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