• Insult your top 50 artists

    19 Feb 2008, 21:04 by RISINGxDEATH

    Note: I like too use the words: gay, wanker, poser, fag, scenster. If you don't like these words better stop reading right NOW you fucking gay posing wanking scene-fag son of a bitch! Haha, got you!

    1. Magrudergrind
    I can´t think of any pv-band with more stupid scensters and myspace-fags in it's fanbase than these guys.

    2. Minor Threat
    Don't be über cool hardcore with lyrics that make sense and sell your shit at Hot Topic, yes Hot Topic. Fucking sell outs.

    3. Bong-Ra
    Loose the jazz-crap, wanker.

    4. Insect Warfare
    If I could give these guys two awards it would be:
    - Best grindcoreband 2007
    - Worst band name, of alltime.

    5. Black Flag
    Nothing bad on them, except the don't exist anymore.

    6. Disrupt
    Should have released more albums, one isn't enough dipshits!

    7. Drumcorps
    Google the name, pretty gay.

    8. Agathocles
    Having a split out with about every existing grindcoreband isn't cool, plus they are from Belgium.

    9. Aux Raus