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  • Avatar for DjsMix74
    Something about you ... Love it!!! :-)
  • Avatar for sashahen
    I remember, I just tried a new Fender, when Mark King entered the shop. I couldn't play anymore. He was so great.
  • Avatar for cottoneyejoejoe
    dat dere bass, brilliant!
  • Avatar for johnhunt1973
    I saw Mike Lindup perform at the Marc Bolan 35th Anniversary Concert in 2012. He hadn't aged much!
  • Avatar for elf-culture
    I remember not being able to sleep one night and seeing their video for Something About You on tv. It was so strange.
  • Avatar for kartds
  • Avatar for HoneyRitual
    the instrumental parts reminds me of Toro Y Moi which is a good thing.
  • Avatar for dardar227
    So underrated!!! Loved them since the 80's and still hooked! Great talents and brilliant writing.
  • Avatar for Gurnkge_Giskrd
    magnifico!!! lo mejor verlos en playa del carmen!
  • Avatar for AlaNio
    totally forgot bout these guys. My dad used to listen to them a lot :)
  • Avatar for baizixiele
  • Avatar for The_Arcadist
    Forever underrated. Amazing band.
  • Avatar for PhilGoulden
    Hi all Level 42 lovers!! Thumbs Up for this Great Photo!!!
  • Avatar for MJRocker1987
    These guys are absolutely phenomenal!
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    No doubt, Mark King is a unique bass player, simply Phenomenon. (One of my favorites) I like mostly his early recordings - when he played in jazz-fusion influences. If you want to know someone like he, listen to [artist]Tetsuo Sakurai[/artist] (another great guy from Japan) :D
  • Avatar for Zoltanrah
    lessons in love<3
  • Avatar for PhilGoulden
    Level 42 are one of the most talented band. [2]
  • Avatar for PhilGoulden
    ██┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘ ┘┘┘┘┘ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘┘██████┘┘████████┘┘██████┘ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘██┘┘┘┘██┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘██┘ ┘┘┘██ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘ ██┘┘█ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘ ┘┘┘┘█ █┘┘█████┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘██┘┘┘┘██┘█┘┘ █████ █┘┘┘┘┘┘█┘██┘┘┘┘██┘┘██┘┘██┘┘██┘ ┘┘┘█┘ ████████┘┘██████┘┘┘┘████┘┘┘┘██████
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    "Something about you" ... Love it!!! :-)
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    Awesome band from the 80's!!! :-)------------------------< Love them!!!
  • Avatar for pizzake
    Why istn't starchild in teh top 15? o: It's such an amazing song :D
  • Avatar for Tarkus10
    Mark King is the bass god.
  • Avatar for baizixiele
    Indonesia, here they come!
  • Avatar for boomkaos
    "The Early Tape" is that jazz fusion album. <3
  • Avatar for Gaffes
  • Avatar for baizixiele
  • Avatar for schokone
    which album is the jazz fusion album?
  • Avatar for mgpixlab
    Hats off to Mr. Mark King. Legend.
  • Avatar for Gaffes
    Level 42 are one of the most talented band.
  • Avatar for raamp
    Turn it on~ whenever you can~
  • Avatar for TheBatmans
    SO many spunk!! amzing bandness
  • Avatar for capcop
    l'album de 2006 Retroglide est une pure tuerie... à acquérir d'urgence
  • Avatar for Claudiar71
    There must be something about them......
  • Avatar for mvldk666
  • Avatar for mvldk666
    LOVE, So Much LOVE To - LEVEL 42
  • Avatar for Braveshell
    I bought loads of their original vinyl 12" singles back in the 1980's... from (Flying On The) Wings Of Love in '81 onwards. They made great party records. I loved their style and production... great songs well played. Love Games and Hot Water in the original 12 mixes are excellent standout dance tracks for me, which show we Brits could do anything that the guys stateside could do. Saw them play live back in '85 before they started to change the lineup... great gig. Great band.
  • Avatar for Karmistry
    Awsom band. Seen them loads of times and had the pleasure of meeting Mark and Mike in 1993. Even when they lost their way in the late 80 and early 90s, they still kick the crap out of anything else at that time.
  • Avatar for kaiserzeitgeist
    Something About You, yet another track of my high school sweetheart break-up angst. God luv ya, boys.
  • Avatar for mike-iow
    Sounds like the UPFRONT MIX 4:11 taken from the B-side of The Chant Has Begun 12" 1983. PM me on the L42 Forum, I may be able to help.
  • Avatar for hiab-x
    Grrrr! I was listening to my Last.FM radio station and it played an excellent version of Sun Goes Down - it was mostly an instrumental version. In my excitement to find what the mix was called, I accidentally closed the page. Now my list doesn't show it, I can't find it on iTunes and I don't know what the mix was called. Help!?
  • Avatar for MitsuharuSan
    I won't lie and pretend I know all these guys' work since I was a kid or something, but... They're great. I got into them thanks to "Something about you" (still my favorite song ever) and I must say I enjoy their work a lot. In my opinion they're very underrated. The "Physical presence/Something about you" sequence is awesome!
  • Avatar for sljones004
    I am a HUGE Level 42 fan. Can't wait to check them out in VEGAS! If you're in Sin City August 1 I'll see you there!!!!
  • Avatar for sea_biscuit
    the answer is level 42 and the chinese way
  • Avatar for mister_tarmac
    Straight gangsters.
  • Avatar for PuzzledCostya
    Great band!
  • Avatar for SabrinaBaby1211
    Ahhhhh. So fresh - So Clean.
  • Avatar for maltesematador
    loved level 42 in the good old days, mark king slapping that bass was superb, seen him do a solo gig at ronnie scotts a few years back, brilliant aint seen a bass player like him he is quality.
  • Avatar for uberjeff
    A longtime Level 42 fan, I saw Mark perform live for the first time on the '99 European One Man Tour on the Isle of Wight. Hanging out with Mark, Ria, and his brother at Joe Daflo's after the show was a real treat. Since then I've been fortunate enough to see the newly reconstituted Level 42 several times in London. They are so great live it doesn't really matter if they play the old or the new stuff. Its all good.
  • Avatar for man-called-adam
    I saw level 42 back in the day. All i wanted to see/hear was the Mark doing his bass solo's, but he was modest and respected the band. But when he did, the place erupted, with a hall full of "Air slap bass heroes". The guy is a genius! Shame they went down the pop route, but we all gotta make a living!
  • Avatar for BCASILLAS
    oscar velazquez


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