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Les Mercredis is an electro-pop-punk band from Siegen, Germany. Started in 2002 as a two-Person Electro-Pop-Project by Marco Petracca and Thomas "Gulli" Wied, Les Mercredis was live supported by Marco Bussi on drums and Sascha Disselbrede on bass. A 2003 record deal with Paul! fell through after disagreements concerning recording style. In 2004 Marco Bussi left the Band. Les Mercredis continued without a drummer and developed their style towards Electro-Punk-Pop. Les Mercredis are currently working on the follow-up to their debut album "Lächeln kostet extra", tentatively entitled "Am Morgen Danach", a concept record set for release in autumn 2007.

== Genre ==
New German Pop, Electro-Punk, NDW

== Line-Up ==
* Sascha "Disco" Disselbrede (Bass)
* Marco Petracca (Electro)
* Thomas "Gulli" Wied (Vocals, Guitar)

== Collaborations ==
* In 2000 Marco Petracca remixed Ruby, (Ex-Silverfish) and Alan Wilder and programmed parts of the Ex-Depeche Mode-Keyboarders Website.

== Discography ==
* 2003 Die Person die Du liebst ist 72.8 Prozent Wasser (Paul! Promo-CD)
* 2006 Lächeln kostet extra (Capitol East Road Records)

== Singles/EPs ==
* 2005 Besser Nicht (Webmaxi, Eigenvertrieb)
* 2005 Sowas von egal (Webmaxi, Eigenvertrieb)

== Compilationse ==
* 2005 Die Plattenkiste Vol. 1
* 2005 FinestNoise 15

== References to ==
* The Song "Helden vom Vortag", hinting at the trouble with Paul! references Samples by Angelika Express (Jetzt!) and Fehlfarben (Paul ist tot).

== Sounds like ==
* Spillsbury, Kettcar

== MP3s ==
* Helden vom Vortag
* Mit mir unter
* Besser nicht

== Weblinks ==
* Homepage


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