• Les Discrets + Alcest translations.

    11 Jan 2010, 19:00 by sanguineheart

    Once again, these are my translations of the songs with lyrics listed from the split album between Alcest and Les Discrets!

    L'Échappée >> The Escape
    One day I will wake, my black eyes like asphalt;
    and I will cry tears of tar;
    the black lungs,
    the numbed heart like a bird far from its nest.

    I miss the pure air, the noise of people around anguishes me
    the village intervenes little by little in this thin body that is mine
    obstructing so that my happy reveries of an ideal are extinguished

    Do you know what I want?
    To leave living in the mountains, surrounded by tall fir trees;
    to lay on the moss,
    to smell the odor of mushrooms, of flowers and the humid earth.

    Après l'Ombre >> After Dark
    This morning near the woods
    she was standing there, near me
    into the forests, she rushes,
    attracting me in her breath.

    More footsteps in the ground
    more of you in the stones. (??)

    Dark, obscure, reveal yourself, I am there.

    To the chapel, tremble
    a throat widens