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  • Avatar for walruzzi89
    Indeed my brother... indeed.
  • Avatar for SagawaKemper
    Pig Hunt is great! Claypool should keep acting.
  • Avatar for SagawaKemper
    Les is more! great new slogan.
  • Avatar for walruzzi89
    You should all see the movie Pig Hunt! Sooo redneckish :)
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    Les is more! [2]
  • Avatar for ThaatsDerringer
    Les is more!
  • Avatar for cokeboy2
    I say elect Les Claypool as priminster.
  • Avatar for yo09
    awesome !!
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    Somebody told me that they thought Flea was way better because he can jump around like a crack head. so I told him that Les is too busy singing, playing amazingly, using peddles, stomping around, and being stoned out of his head to have enough time get naked and act like a crack head.....
  • Avatar for Zedhe4d
    Perhaps the best bass player of today. Definitely one of the greatest there ever were. You'll once be jamming along Johnny Entwistle and the like in Heaven, Les!
  • Avatar for smashdxburt
    I finally got Of Fungi And Foe. It's so much better than I was expecting. Sounds a lot like The Residents.
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    Agreed V
  • Avatar for boumalhab
    So much better than flea.
  • Avatar for red_third
    Hot Head! Take a look here:
  • Avatar for OPENtunes
    Does anyone know what the support band from Les's show at Koko are called? I thought they were mint, but didn't catch their name... Hot something? Awesome show all round, Hooray for Les! And the other band members!
  • Avatar for Kxking
    No Skerik? Erf, too bad...but it's gonna be blowing anyway.
  • Avatar for caseyftmfw
    Mike D will be there. Skerik, fat chance.
  • Avatar for neonYEN
  • Avatar for Kxking
    Anyone knows who will be on stage with Les on the European tour ? I cross my fingers for Dillon and Sherik !
  • Avatar for klog
  • Avatar for Bonk666
    heyyy les,have you got anyy ideas for primus in planning ?
  • Avatar for deadstereo
  • Avatar for WellDressedMan
    Les Claypool is the Six String Fretless Bass Master of the fiackin Universe!
  • Avatar for kitchennehctik
    Not Geddy Lee and really not fuckin flea. Claypool is a wizard. Check out my band theres a lot of claypool influence
  • Avatar for N0tB00tZILLA
    one of the best bass players ever (of course him and bootsy)
  • Avatar for methjameskeenan
    1,000,000,000,000x better and more creative than Flea. You know it to be true.
  • Avatar for rickividal
    @FakeActually: Geddy Lee.
  • Avatar for Nate999
    Saw Les live the other night in Adelaide, if you get the chance do NOT miss out on seeing him live. Everything was absolutely great, he was note-for-note perfect and the show was fantastic in itself.
  • Avatar for summKO
  • Avatar for pedroaalberto
    "He is a multi-instrumentalist, novelist, music producer, actor, and film director." Anyone knows the name of the novels he wrote?
  • Avatar for CapnCrunchDaPmp
    Love him, he is a GOD.
  • Avatar for green11420
    @FakeActuality: In my opinion; NO.
  • Avatar for Coco-Shunter
    No tour date for Ireland........... yet
  • Avatar for LesClaypooltiks
    Hey Guys, Just to let you know we already start running low on the premium tickets for Sydney concert
  • Avatar for Bias_for_kyuss
    i wonder what his show in brisbane will be like? does he play many primus songs?
  • Avatar for Domfunkle
    Coming to melbourne! Woooooooooot!
  • Avatar for Kxking
    Dam it ! Why does the upcomin European Tour not include a show in France ??
  • Avatar for lrwld
    They've really lived up to their band this band sooooooo muuuuuch..
  • Avatar for TehGreve
    Phantom Patriot is so fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for MrGERADL666
    wooooooooooo uno de los mejores bajistas del mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for deadstereo
    AMAZING show at Bluesfest last month.
  • Avatar for Florilein
    Les, I beg you! Please come to Germany!!!!
  • Avatar for moe_blunts
    his latest album sounds like the residents. i love it!
  • Avatar for ComaChameleon
  • Avatar for moe_blunts
    Of Fungi and Foe is wonderful. Thanks, Les.
  • Avatar for Signofthezodiac
    Claypool is a pimp <3 he slaps that bass like a pimp slaps his ho
  • Avatar for Leeeeebs
    claypool is probably my biggest influence as a bass player. Whether it be Primus, Frog Brigade, Sausage, Oysterhead, etc, his music is fantastic! Both of the two shows of his that I attended were inspiringly badass.
  • Avatar for griefrapids
    Saw him last night in Winnipeg, first time being here, and he put on a FANTASTIC show, I wish I could go in to all the details, but he is a top notch performer who gives you your money's worth and more. If you have the chance to see him do it!
  • Avatar for darkcronos666
    new album is used as the ost of the mushroom men videogame for the wii. very good album, and very good game (altought it's a slighty unknown game)
  • Avatar for yiffyskunk420
    Seen him live maybe 7 or 8 times. Always a great show. Les' music changed my life.


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