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Leonard Cohen

Waiting for the Miracle (3:43)


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  • This song lefts me absolutely heartbroken after each listen
  • the rock it good...
  • Well there wasn'tva miracle was there only getting rank chips and hearing about the weekend
  • In heaven i will see you
  • life
  • Eerie surrealism from the Canadian King
  • I know you really loved me But, you see, my hands were tied I know it must have hurt you It must have hurt your pride
  • dig it
  • EH?
  • Tap..Squeeze information " bout the Mirical too do something..
  • Absolutely Wrong
  • From your fingers & your arm..
  • I'm Free
  • What..
  • So..
  • Tap...Tap...Tap..
  • vein will swell
  • tap...tap....tap...
  • So What............
  • "When you've fallen on the highway and you're lying in the rain, and they ask you how you're doing of course you'll say you can't complain." Also, the song's full length is 7:43. Get it right.
  • so much atmosphere!
  • Natrual Born Killers :D
  • mindblowing
  • i love this man.
  • Perfection
  • nice
  • كنت في انتظار المعجزة القادمة.
  • بارش باران در فصل تابستان وجود دارد، اغلب اوقات کشاورز کوچک مرد مرطوب
  • mickey + mallory knox r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool.
  • love, love, love me some leonard c.
  • k
  • Great song
  • great voice
  • Thanks Silke ;-)
  • Muhteşem vokal, muhteşem şarkı.
  • ღ ♫ღ
  • awesome film
  • great...
  • 8 Points from 10! Groß, Größer, Cohen...
  • thanks G. i have this song ... *** Amazing !!! *** ♫♫♫
  • so long waiting for the miracle...and what a pleasure when its coming...and what ...than you maybe can't believe!!
  • Now I feel Better!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Musik zum Träumen, danke Leonard Cohen, super !!!!!
  • ♥.
  • Unrivaled atmosphere, very catchy.
  • АрхипафосЪ
  • Stunning vocals
  • I didn't see the time, and I waited half my life away... <3
  • Bliss.....
  • Sends shivers down your spine- Cohen at his best


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