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  • Cure1980

    good bye Leonard with Constanin Wecker some of the Great German songwriters..

    January 2015
  • jdew89

    "I saw the glory in her eye / Myself, I long for love and light / But must it come so cruel, and oh so bright?" ♥

    March 2014
  • twolliebollie

    a pubescent girl sacrificing herself for her endless love of god, that is one of the most beautiful metaphors i have ever heard

    January 2014
  • acalltoapathy

    and something in me yearns to win, such a cold and lonesome heroine / and who are you she sternly spoke, to the one beneath the smoke / why I'm fire, he replied, and I love your solitude, I love your pride. ...<3

    August 2013
  • manisimmati

    la la la la – la laaaaa!

    August 2013
  • CainDavies

    Different league

    April 2013
  • abunono

    Xesús veu para o gol, os discípulos estaban fóra de xogo.

    July 2012
  • _fenrir_

    Yet each man kills the thing he loves

    May 2012
  • zoingz

    I get shivers every time I listen to this song Such perfection

    May 2012
  • davidbowiegirl

    Good song

    February 2012
  • FedericoPinneri

    Nice De André's cover here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjNKjcaIpWg

    February 2012
  • SoupForOne

    i saw the glory in her eye.

    February 2012
  • ErnstPruin

    eins seiner schönsten lieder.....

    September 2011
  • HorstKrannich

    +++ wundervoller Song +++

    September 2011
  • piribolygo

    Joan of Arc needs moar love

    August 2011
  • andyvonmusik

    10 Points from 10! Dieser Mann könnte auf Ewigkeit mein musikalischer Begleiter bleiben...

    July 2011
  • annatuw

    makes me feel like a flower planted and trying to grow in dry soil.

    June 2011
  • WalterNeff

    i'm more of a gentle waft of smoke myself

    April 2011
  • swollenappetite

    This is my absolute favourite Leonard Cohen track and the one I took my name from, if you listen to the lyrics. I love his version of it even more than the ever-excellent Jennifer Warnes track on which he merely guest-stars (but what a guest!). No-one has ever caught better the utter self-immolation of passionate love.

    April 2011
  • spyguy00

    :( :( :( very sad.

    February 2011
  • Twodogswalking

    Those la-la's must be her cries, so lovely, but the pain...I could not listen or watch...

    October 2010
  • SeattleJQueen

    I think this has become my favorite Leonard Cohen song. Yay!

    June 2010
  • CoopersAlice

    typisch Cohen, sehr gutes Stück:

    June 2010
  • key2thexin

    memories left on this album

    January 2010
  • Yannzola

    Not the best version in my humble opinion. Had to unlove it.

    January 2010
  • AylaQuark

    interesting version..the play of this song on my album is not like this..nice

    November 2009
  • mikeotb

    Saw him last night Beacon Theater, NYC. Yes I'm lucky and blessed to have been there and at Carnegie Hall 1985. He is a one of a kind artist and man. He makes his fans feel that they are important to him. The feeling is mutual. Long live Leonard Cohen!!!!!

    February 2009
  • bertha629

    He sings my life.

    February 2009
  • Roeech

    Amazing song. Only second to Hallelujah.

    February 2009
  • Nicsi

    Makes me cry, this one.

    January 2009
  • Sibillina


    January 2009
  • TheGeed


    January 2009
  • surferbro57

    we need more artist likehim and songs like this....

    December 2008
  • _thismodernlove

    this is so beautiful

    December 2008
  • jcpsmc

    Always a pleasure Listen Cohen...lalalalal...

    November 2008
  • skipspence

    I don't see the connection to Nico to be honest. And it's "heroine" as of female hero, not heroin the drug. Great, great song anyway.

    October 2008
  • Marcol-oso

    lalalalalala she took you kenneth...she took you away

    October 2008
  • annapoutous


    October 2008
  • deadjoe

    I have a free download pdf of the complete Songs of Love and Hate songbook over on my blog: http://boxingduck.blogspot.com/2008/05/leonard-cohen-songs-of-love-and-hate.html

    May 2008
  • jakerperiod

    this song is based loosely on Nico, I think if definitely makes more sense though in the contexts of the Joan of Arc story, which clearly must be a metaphor for something that struck Leonard

    March 2008
  • p7389

    This song is incredible.

    January 2008
  • tomorrowsparty

    No, Cohen had the hots for Joan. I mean it should be obvious.

    August 2007
  • cozmik_bluez

    I heard this song was written for Nico of The Velvet Underground, on who he had a crush. Is that true?

    July 2007
  • IamFlood


    March 2007
  • xprettieststar


    September 2006