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Leonard Cohen

First We Take Manhattan (5:50)


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  • this voice always makes me shiver....sensational!
  • nice
  • <3
  • "Watchmen" brought me here.
  • Hardly would we find people who do not recognize him as one of the leading singer of our time. He was able to develop his "concise" way of singin, surprising the audience smooth and intense sound. Possessing an expressive technique, he will satisfy the tastes of his supporters and will appeal to experienced music lovers of the "classic" school.
  • And he utilizes the female vocals very well here, too... as always. It sounds very girly, and it's an undisputed fact I love girly music, so...
  • Actually... I don't think I've listened to this since the first time I heard I'm Your Man, and I'm Your Man was the first Cohen record I ever heard (what a terrible place to start)... so, granted it sounds so much better now! In fact, pretty frickin' cool.
  • This song is motherfucking awesome, Greater with every listen!
  • "Pretension personified... the "Berlin" allusion offers such a unique european flavor, kinda like topping poetical candian adectivial iceburgian lettuce w/ salmon roe...fish eggs" LOL
  • I love this song.
  • Awesome
  • Yeah, this Cohen guy probably doesn't even know where Berlin is, right acroprint?
  • they sentence me to twenty years of boredom
  • I don't like your fashion business, mister! I don't like those drugs that keep you thin!
  • great song
  • First Manhattan, THEN Berlin? That's weird. Usually it's the other way round...
  • Great song
  • for me he can take the world
  • I love it
  • The more i listen to him, the more he's growing on me
  • Apparently,he's to record a new album with his son.Every now and then we do get good news!!
  • who needs a holiday when you can listen to this? [2]
  • monstrous
  • You are welcome my friend--so cool,you need gloves just to handle it.
  • Great, Thanks Dave!
  • In the name of all that is holy-just how good is this????
  • this song is such a kick ass!
  • First we take Manhattan... then we take BERLIN!
  • Great song
  • who needs a holiday when you can listen to this?
  • was sonst
  • one of my first musical memories!
  • this song is kind of badass
  • Good stuff!!!
  • Cohen said he was trying to get into the mind of a megalomaniac dictator, as he did from time to time. I think he succeeded. Always feel uneasy when I hear the word Manhattan in this context, given the future that was then to be.
  • reminds me of The Lion King, when the bad-guy lion sings his piece
  • Class act.
  • I've fallen in love with this.
  • classic
  • the best!
  • I was so bemused at Cohen doing 80s synth pop that I didn't even notice any of the lyrics :o Gotta hear this again
  • makes me think of pinky and the brain
  • gänsehaut bis nach berlin
  • <3
  • allein seiner Texte wegen muss man english lernen. Unbedingt! Der Mann ist einfach umwerfend.
  • 'ne Wucht!
  • POW!!
  • mr cohen...please take over the world!


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