• “16 Songs” Video Album from Allison Crowe = Music + Movie Magic

    24 Sep 2014, 01:49 by Adrian22

    "Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make."

    That’s how Allison Crowe framed things near the start of this century before launching Rubenesque Records Ltd., one of the world’s truly independent music labels.

    Through legendary live performances, broadcasts, and a dynamic oeuvre of recordings, globally-acclaimed and loved, Crowe’s distinguished herself among today’s finest songwriters, recording and concert acts, and as a supreme interpreter of popular song.

    Combining versatility and virtuosity, the amazing Canadian musician transmits emotion into a visceral joy – sharing heart and soul with audiences.

    Timeless artistic expression has its own tradition in Canada, a land plentifully represented by: wordsmiths & tunesmiths, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young; by jazz pianist/composer Oscar Peterson; classical composer Marjan Mozetich; in theatre and opera – beautiful voices of Teresa Stratas
  • LP's/EP's/"7's

    11 Jun 2014, 18:48 by CosminB77



    ††† : †††


    ABBA : Super Trouper, Gracias Por La Musica,
    Alamo's Boys : Western
    Alborosie : Dub The System, Espace From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion
    Alexandru Lulescu : Momente Vesele
    Amanda Lear : Sweet Revenge


    Barry Lyndon : Soundtrack
    Bee Gees : Greatest, Cucumber Castle
    Beethoven : Symphonie nr.5
    Blondie : The Best Of Blondie
    Boards of Canada : Tomorrow's Harvest
    Boney M. : Boononoonoos
    Breaking Bad : Original Score (OST) (pre-order)
    Burial: Rival Dealer (EP)


    Candiria : Beyond Reasonable Doubt
    Caspian : Hymn for the Greatest Generation, Waking Season
    Catholic Girls : Catholic Girls
    Channels : Waiting for the New End of the World
    Chelsea Wolfe : Apokalypsis, Unknown Rooms, The Grime And The Glow
    Christian Death : Only Theater Of Pain
    Compilations : Hit Action,


    Dads : Pretty Good (EP)
    Deftones : White Pony
    Demis Roussos : Man Of The World
    Donna Summer : The Wanderer


    Elvis Presley : Elvis Forever
  • Lykke Li >>>I Never Learn - Review

    28 Apr 2014, 06:35 by justmatornot


    Ela voltou, senhores! E não, ela não tem passado bem. Depois de dois anos e uns quebrados, ela nos mostra que ainda tem muita coisa pela frente. Confesso que depois que o bem sucedido "Wounded Rhymes" foi lançado me perguntei o que viria depois. Para a minha surpresa ela não se superou lançando um álbum melhor ou pior, mas um álbum meio a meio. Um álbum controlado.
    Ao começar pela capa (extremamente importante nesse caso específico), que nos mostra uma Lykke Li objetiva, preto no branco, encarando de cabeça erguida o ouvinte. Encarando-o do alto da sua dignidade, em luto, coberta de véus. Difere um bocado do que vemos na capa do predecessor, aonde ela aparece amorfa, completamente coberta, uma figura quase hostil, selvagem, apenas o que se vê são camadas de tecido negro impenetráveis tremulando ao vento no meio de uma praia fria do norte da Europa. …
  • Allison Crowe Drives to New Lands: “Heavy Graces” Tour on Deck

    24 Apr 2014, 23:29 by Adrian22

    She comes from a land of ice and snow. Some years more-so than others. And, like such phenomena, Allison Crowe’s preternatural talent, and her peerless body of music, is marked by a pure, crystalline, uniqueness.

    "How can someone so small and young have such a big voice and write such heavy duty songs?,” legendary West-coast Canada musician and publisher Barry Newman found himself wondering upon discovering a teen-aged Crowe on a Vancouver Island stage in the year 2000. For a cover feature in Cosmic Debris, (the magazine he founded), Newman observed: “The inflections in her piano stylings were so mature too... there was a blues edge in there."

    "The first thing you notice about Allison Crowe is her voice. Rich and dark, it seems to come from a place most singers can only dream of accessing. Then there are the songs. Filled with raw passion and accompanied by eloquent piano playing," notes Clodagh O'Connell, (The Courier, Rolling Stone+), in a maiden review of Crowe’s voyage to new lands.
  • Leonard Cohen @ Pavilhão Atlântico (7.10.2012)

    19 Apr 2014, 22:55 by astronaut_pt

    Na recente música «Going Home», Leonard Cohen define-se como um lazy bastard, mas o que um Pavilhão Atlântico quase cheio voltou a testemunhar foi um músico talentoso e generoso. Aos 78 anos, vestido de fato e chapéu preto, o cantor-poeta desfiou harmoniosamente o seu vasto catálogo ao longo de quatro horas (incluindo um intervalo), preenchidas com mais de trinta músicas.

    A sua entrada em palco, na quarta passagem por Portugal desde 2008, ficou marcada por uma ovação em pé de uma audiência maioritariamente sénior, imediatamente retribuída com «Dance me to the end of love» e com promessas de “dar tudo o que tenho”. Caloroso e de trato delicado, Cohen foi um verdadeiro mestre-de-cerimónias, ora tecendo rasgados elogios aos seus músicos, com honras de apresentação individual, ora correndo e saltitando nas diversas entradas e saídas de palco, ora ainda ajoelhando-se em várias canções e até provocando a audiência quando, durante a célebre «I’m your man», tirou o chapéu numa vénia sensual...
  • sublime

    18 Apr 2014, 10:04 by asplitsecond

    Wed 16 Apr – The Webb Sisters
    As Leonard Cohen stated: the "sublime Webb Sisters" ... they are. heavenly voices and instruments brought to us in a very playful performance.
    The beautiful setting, the recently "reclaimed" venue Roma in Antwerp, only added to the magical atmosphere of the night.

    The grande-finale was the encore, as they left the microphones behind and went into the room to sing in the middle of the audience. The large venue went absolutely quiet to absorb every un-amplified note Charlie and Hettie sang and played ... did I use the word "magical" before?
  • Álbuns 2014

    23 Feb 2014, 01:40 by lMcMiller

  • Wiki, hey hey Wiki (die ersten 100)

    22 Jan 2014, 18:01 by Andreas_Wotte

    01. Jorge Martinez
    02. Blak Lyons
    03. Jamie Cullum – Just One Of Those Things
    04. Ella Fitzgerald – Just One of Those Things
    05. Louis Armstrong – Just One Of Those Things
    06. Billie Holiday – Just One of Those Things
    07. Sarah Vaughan – Just One of Those Things
    08. Bing Crosby – Just One Of Those Things
    09. Doris Day – Just One of Those Things
    10. Lena Horne – Just One Of Those Things
    11. Frank Sinatra – Just One of Those Things
    12. Mel Tormé – Just One of Those Things
    13. Louis Prima – Just One Of Those Things
    14. Diana Krall – Just One of Those Things
    15. John Barrowman – Just One of Those Things
    16. Bryan Ferry – Just One Of Those Things
    17. Lionel Hampton – Just One Of Those Things
    18. Claude Bolling – Just One of Those Things
    19. Oscar Peterson – Just One of Those Things
    20. Sidney Bechet – Just One of Those Things
    21. Nellie McKay – Just One Of Those Things
    22. Erin Mckeown – Just One of Those Things
    23. Jamie Cullum – Don't Stop The Music
  • Albums Bought: 2014

    5 Jan 2014, 08:39 by Mark_H

    When rating albums I try to do so in a historical context, that is how an album compares against the entire musical ancestry. This means that the best album for any given year, which most people would rate with top marks may not receive the same rating in my charts as only the best albums of all time should get the highest ratings... This chart includes compilations, live albums and also any non-Prog albums I buy.

    My Ratings:
    Note: I vote on a bell curve, anything above 6 is really good, anything below 4 really isn't :D
    9+ - Masterpiece
    8 - Incredible
    7 - Superb
    6 - Excellent
    5 - Average
    4 - Mediocre
    3 - Fans only
    2 - Completists only
    1 - Run screaming from the room!

    1. (=) King Crimson - 1969-11-09: Fillmore East, New York, USA (1969) - 7.74
    2. (=) Peter Hammill - Nadir's Big Chance (1975) - 7.36
    3. (=) Supersister - Long live Supersister (2013) - 7.34
    4. (=) Änglagård - Prog på svenska: Live in Japan (2014) - 7.27
  • Song of the Year, Top Album Nods for Allison Crowe

    31 Dec 2013, 05:44 by Adrian22

    “The difficult I’ll do right now, the impossible’ll take a little while”. That’s pretty much always been the way of musician Allison Crowe.

    This year proves ”weirdly typical” as ever for the amazing bi-coastal Canadian artist - to quote a phrase from one of ’s fine reviews.

    In it, Crowe’s released three peerless albums (“Newfoundland Vinyl”, “Heavy Graces”, and the compilation “Songbook”), musically directed a hit theatre show (TNL’s “Newfoundland Vinyl”), saw one song recording used brilliantly in a trailer for a major independent motion picture (“Hallelujah” w. “The Pardon”), and appeared, pretty much as herself, in one of the year’s biggest blockbusters (“Man of Steel”).

    Now ‘Top Song of the Year’ nod for Allison Crowe's "Words" comes from the annual list of Muruch, the passionate and uncompromising culture blog that’s been sharing favourite albums, live performances, films and literature online since 1999.