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Leni is a) a sixteen year old German girl
or b) a Finnish post-rock artist, music is available at

The German Leni is a sixteen year old girl. She covers songs due to the fact that she sings all day long.
Leni's passion is singing Muse songs and dancing to it like Matthew Bellamy, Muse's singer, does on the stage.

Present recorded songs of Leni are:

- The Warmth, a capella (Incubus Cover)
- Map of the Problematique (Muse Cover)
- Boats and Birds, a capella (Black Rain Cover)
- Fragile, a capella (Black Rain Cover)
- Stockholm Syndrome (Muse Cover)
- Sing for Absolution (Muse Cover)
- Frozen (Madonna Cover)
- Say OK (Vanessa Hudgens Cover)
- Boats and Birds, a capella II (Black Rain Cover)

and lately also: Everytime We Touch (Cascada Cover), as well as: Right Here Waiting For You (Richard Marx Cover).

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