• 'The Golden Oldies' - the Westlife with Wrinkles?

    9 Nov 2006, 00:17 by yourfacemince

    I'm talking about Daniel O Donnell, Charlie Landsborough, Lena Martell, and pretty much everything released on the despisable 'Scotdisc' record label. Isn't it amazing how music nowadays is supposedly bland, manufactured, designed to appeal to "the kids", yet the same people who deride any music with a popular edge go and buy this?

    It's clear from the TV adverts and live shows that every part of their "performance", appearance, and choice of cover song after cover song that they are almost moulded like plasticine to appeal to an older generation, but it's clearly at the expense of the music. I mean, who can say that they've noticed a hint of personality to the likes of O'Donnell or Chris De Burgh?

    No, it's the endless cover versions of songs that are well past their sell by date that make this entire group of 'artists' even less original than even the most cynically conceived girl band designed to perform on childrens TV, record two albums of filler then split up to go on solo careers. …