• 2-9th April, weekly summary! Feel free to leave your comments!

    9 Apr 2006, 21:29 by Vami

    1. Led Zeppelin 45 plays

    Wow, finally really a classic band wins weekly accolade. Congratulations! Ramble on :)

    2. Dżem 34 plays

    Evergeen invincible all-time leaders again played over and over again this week :)

    3. Lordi 29 plays

    I got their complete discography plus the latest video. These guys surely rock. Eurovision is yours!

    4. Lady Pank 25 plays

    One of Polish classic bands of the 80's. Highly recommended for all non-Polish listeners who don't know them.

    5. Lynyrd Skynyrd & Kat 21 plays

    LS - One of few non-PL bands whose style is somewhat similar to Dżem. A bit more aggressive and rowdy, but I guess this is what cowboys should behave like... Great stuff in terms of music! KAT - it's fun to listen all those supposedly serious lyrics and Roman Kostrzewski's voice. Some really good compositions and beautiful ballads.

    7. Little Richard 17 plays

    Well, classic rock'n'roller, great piano player, singer and entertainer. Good golly miss Molly sure like to ball :)