• Single of the Week- 03/29/07 Bionic Rats- Lee "Scratch" Perry

    29 Mar 2007, 14:20 by dapperdanielson

    So Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead put together this reggae tracklist for trojan records. After reading how Greenwood is really new to listening to reggae I decided to buy this comp, as I don't really listen to the beloved music of Jamaica much. I figured it would be bare bones basics that reggae purists would probably shun as being mainstream, but whatever this comp is really good. I never realized Sean Paul stole the "I'm still in love/with you boy" hook from Marcia Aitken, but yeah he did. I guess I'm a rasta novice. No Bob Marley, so its not that pop oriented. Probably the longest track is "Bionic Rats," and by far the weirdest. It's about 8 minutes of Perry dropping lines about Judas, Barabas, and Jah. It's religious and the call response he's got going with the female chorus is almost gospel in a way. A very atmospheric track, and toward end it becomes a muck of delay and vocal blips.
    Bionic Rats