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Led Zeppelin

The Ocean (4:17)


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  • That riff
  • Great riff, great drums.
  • classic zeppelin
  • Awesome Riffss.. [2] This song is one of my fav Led Zeppelin songs!! [2]
  • This song is one of my fav Led Zeppelin songs!!
  • My art teacher used play this and Zep IV during our classes... So inspiring!
  • so good
  • Love me some Zep, la la la la la.........
  • Listening to the 5th album "Houses Of The Holy" released on March 28, 1973. Was to be released in early January but controversy over the album cover delayed release. Gavin Edwards of Rolling Stone Magazine said at the time: "The epic scale suited Zeppelin: They had the largest crowds, the loudest rock songs, the most groupies, the fullest manes of hair. Eventually excess would turn into bombast, but on Houses, it still provided inspiration." Song written by Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant. Sound engineer Eddie Kramer.
  • Ooooh yeah!
  • So good! Best final of LZ's song.
  • Superb drumming.
  • the drumming on this one is fucking insane
  • O baixo nessa música é muito dahora!
  • This was the song that made me want more Zeppelin. What a jam.
  • Don't think there is a weak point on Houses of the Holy.
  • Hailla Ball
  • is that Bonzo counting at the beginning? :D and that phone, hahah, when I was listening to it on headphones for the first time a couple of years ago I took them off for like two times to check if it's not mine.
  • Squeaky bass pedal is what you get when you knock out genius rock every year, instead of mediocre rock every 5 years like today's bands. Sometimes flaws are better!
  • No milk duds on this album! Gem after gem after gem after.....!
  • Instantly addicted
  • Top 5 Zep tune - any day of the week
  • Awesome Riffss..
  • Someone needs to answer that phone (1:38)
  • one of their best
  • the kick pedal drives me insane but what a great song
  • Yesss Good!!
  • Personally prefer the live version but fantastic!
  • Start off the song properly Bonzo-ed.
  • New York 1973 !!
  • we've done four already and now we're steady, and they went, 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • One song of ten for a lonesome island. ;-)
  • Love.
  • LIsten to that sqeeky bass pedal! I love it haha.
  • You can't help singing along to this song. Was lucky enough to be a kid when Led Zeppelin first started.Love the way song goes from heavy metal to soft sing along.A true classic.
  • Video added audio from 1977 > The Ocean (Live~The Song Remains The Same)
  • uhhggg i dont know how every one of there songs sounds like sex
  • This is so awesome
  • The Ocean
  • why this is the video? there is a great live video of them playing this song on youtube.
  • Who else here loves Bonzo's countdown at the beginning?
  • I remember first hearing this in 1970. Still sounds great today!
  • Led Zep on Last.fm now? Hell yes.
  • the ending is awesome! I never even notice the first 3 minutes of the song, but then in comes this guitar solo :D
  • Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain!! <3
  • I miss the ocean..
  • perfect ending!
  • Bonham makes the song for me, excellent drumming.
  • one of*
  • adoled :)


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