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  • Avatar for spurtsmurf
  • Avatar for ceasar67
    class in the musical format .....
  • Avatar for DanaGut
    song has my heart :)
  • Avatar for lucy304
    Great sound. <3<3<3 "Trippy"
  • Avatar for Stiv10
    Cool blues:)
  • Avatar for pjolliffe
    Awww my tears they fell like rain...Yep, simply love them!
  • Avatar for tamilovesharry
    amazing musicians, and amazing thieves.
  • Avatar for MattSch_
    @pjolliffe: Simply love them!
  • Avatar for pjolliffe
    Love them when they get bluesy!
  • Avatar for flhalo
  • Avatar for itamar-b-ramos
    Muito bom!
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Robert Plant is a born screamer, but he croons like Frank Sinatra when he wants to, too.
  • Avatar for silver_bell666
    Nothing like Zepplin!!
  • Avatar for dj_money_c10
    led zeppelin blues
  • Avatar for emerusp
    Super 70´s !!! Near to the stairways to heaven...
  • Avatar for gamerOU812
    what do you expect from led zep? just pure awesomeness, thats what.
  • Avatar for shedonist
    Wowwwwww!!!!!! I had no idea!!
  • Avatar for Digitalfuture1
    This song is fire on ice and everything nice.
  • Avatar for MrsJimMorrison
    omg....this makes me want to hear Plant in sexy...... >o<
  • Avatar for tanio_cebula
    Is this song the best blues songs ever?
  • Avatar for josz_belz
    keyboards and bass yes, no overdubbing or guest. John Paul Jones just plays the bass bits with his FEET!!
  • Avatar for RafaellyPalhano
  • Avatar for lucy304
    Gotta love the Zepp
  • Avatar for banapaulo
    Is it just me or is there keyboard and bass on this track? Wonder who the guest musician is, unless it's overdubbed...
  • Avatar for ElyandraAlves
    Fodástico demais galere
  • Avatar for PinkFloyd06
  • Avatar for sas1983
    Way too short!!
  • Avatar for gleeh0rt0n
    face melted by intro.... ouch jimmy page that hurt
  • Avatar for Thommy05
    Ein Super Blues
  • Avatar for beanismine
    blues classic
  • Avatar for osantiago666
  • Avatar for purple-dirk
    great song ...
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    7~7~7 to 11~11~11 every night
  • Avatar for MIKEH3875
    sion i've complained about it not scrobbling zep for weeks and as we see its still not fixed.
  • Avatar for bascuuu
    hello friends...nice to hear you...
  • Avatar for Ana_Nimos
    One of my fav tracks from the Led!! <3
  • Avatar for ClassicRockMan
    they would have been a realy good blues band
  • Avatar for Brainiac96X
    pure untempered music how it should be, unlike this crap pop music from x factor and stuff like that
  • Avatar for Eirini_13
    should have been born 20 years earlier...
  • Avatar for shizzlemonky
    No sure why pages Les is sounding much more (wasp in a jam jar) than normal not a brilliant recording of the guitar but still the hole dynamics I've heard better recordings of Led but at least they are on here now...
  • Avatar for shizzlemonky
    NNNNNNNNNice - I've been the best of fools
  • Avatar for sinistersensi
  • Avatar for breecarpediem
    Wow niiiiicee! Great discovery :)
  • Avatar for davidmills71
    Real nice to find this one........
  • Avatar for itsbobythafat
  • Avatar for ClassicRockMan
    oooooohh that sweet blues
  • Avatar for HOWLIN_WOLF_
    at least one Led Zep song now plays after all this time. oh wait, no it says ive not listened to it before. Still they are my favourite band so i cant expect anything less now can i............................. s****** ***** *^&*(&^)^(* ()&(*^^&%&*%(^&
  • Avatar for limao693
    get the soul of it. just remember it
  • Avatar for Digitalfuture1
    Someone I think about a lot plays guitar like this.
  • Avatar for jatkinson
    ah another Zeppelin song that doesn't scrobble


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