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  • Avatar for davidmxdf
    Epic and Terrific Tune.
  • Avatar for HW-DiEnd
    Every time i listen to this, it gives me fucking chills like it's the first time i'm listening to it. Their best song, I dare say. [2]
  • Avatar for Merlijntoby
    When I first heard this song, I thought "tool should cover this". Then I found out that this is one of the few covers tool ever did. Love this song
  • Avatar for indiaquick
    I like
  • Avatar for TIGERSNAKEMAN
  • Avatar for Skipari
    Their best song, I dare say.
  • Avatar for murrg
    this is hands down one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar for southmaui
    haunting track
  • Avatar for abunono
    @Kgolov -It means: I like people from Romania!
  • Avatar for mothershipsong
    the best ever!!!
  • Avatar for barium62
    If you haven't already, check out Tool's cover, it kicks ass
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    That guitar tone. Mind blowing stuff here Jimmy.
  • Avatar for petross85
    "give no quarter" is a saying meaning take no prisoners or show no mercy.
  • Avatar for Kgolov
    What means no quarter?
  • Avatar for karma4me
    Great song. Brings back memories.
  • Avatar for Guzco5
    legendary riff
  • Avatar for ericshep
    the winds of Thor are blowin cold!!!!!
  • Avatar for VasilySavush
  • Avatar for petross85
    Riff is mental. Such a nice tone. TUNE
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    You can tell Opeth's epic Harlequin Forest stemmed from this one.
  • Avatar for njokmo413
    Easily my favorite song from this great album
  • Avatar for BIGALKE
    Jesus. So good.
  • Avatar for RAY7654321
    Listening to the 5th album "Houses Of The Holy" released on March 28, 1973. Was to be released in early January but controversy over the album cover delayed release. Gavin Edwards of Rolling Stone Magazine said at the time: "The epic scale suited Zeppelin: They had the largest crowds, the loudest rock songs, the most groupies, the fullest manes of hair. Eventually excess would turn into bombast, but on Houses, it still provided inspiration." Song written by Jones, Page, Plant. The only track on the album not engineered by the incredible Eddie Kramer, but by Andy Johns.
  • Avatar for sousah
    Legendary riff on this one. [4]
  • Avatar for andyhickson
    @pogopatterson I tend to prefer videos with one unchanging picture, at least when there's no official music video. Keeps the focus on the music with no visual distractions.
  • Avatar for MartianReaper
    Legendary riff on this one. [3]
  • Avatar for Zodiark111
    Yo this song is so fucking crazy good. I just remembered this was on houses of the holy, when I just heard it the other day, I was like wait a second this can't be led zeppelin, this sounds like porcupine tree, did it just go on shuffle or something? Can't believe I forgot about this song.
  • Avatar for superspyros
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    Suggest another video? Well surely anything would be better than one unchanging picture. Fortunately the music stands up on its own merits- without a video.
  • Avatar for BaubleDawdle
    MY GOD
  • Avatar for TREMOLO69
  • Avatar for theironictea
  • Avatar for sykodrvr
    They never disappoint
  • Avatar for vdudani
    that riff.. pure madness..
  • Avatar for Helawolf
    One of my favorites by them. Perfect song for full moon viewing.
  • Avatar for vinman76
    Seen them in Cleveland in 75 & 77 both excellent shows! This song kicked ass... as they all did!
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    They choose the path where no one goes.
  • Avatar for yackayack
  • Avatar for michanordpol
    tsrts is brilliant
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    This one stands well above the rest of HotH material. One of the better songs from the second half of their discography.
  • Avatar for amar-prabhu
    One of most addictive tracks of Zep's
  • Avatar for Jhonatamarley
    Legendary riff on this one. [2]
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    I recommend you to check this awesome cover of this song by Crowbar out:
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Love the haunting, hypnotizing feel to it..
  • Avatar for Ariues
  • Avatar for LP6666RE
    one of the best tracks of all time [3]
  • Avatar for gokunirvana
    Legendary riff on this one.
  • Avatar for Campbell1961
    A classic track.
  • Avatar for dirtydogintex
    lightin' up is the lesser of many evils.......
  • Avatar for nachoriolo
    Perfect song!!!


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