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  • Avatar for Lyrradsemaj
    i'm so happy to have this song in my life now.
  • Avatar for DamnYouAll
    favorite zeppelin song
  • Avatar for ArthurTX
    Possibly one of my favourite Led songs, this tune alone tops many other songs
  • Avatar for Pioteer88
    highly underrated! one of their best
  • Avatar for hihi00
    Led Zeppelin Dancing Days[url=] Download MP3[/url]
  • Avatar for grossy2
    It's such a "summer" song!
  • Avatar for Kawww
    "Recording engineer Eddie Kramer reportedly said that the band members danced in joy on the lawn at Stargroves during playback of this track, such was their satisfaction with the song." That quote in itself makes me happy :)
  • Avatar for XuGabriel
    greeeat tune!
  • Avatar for creepingdeathv2
    sweet track...
  • Avatar for L-Zep
    This is so great, and so underrated
  • Avatar for Forsaken-03
    Great (:
  • Avatar for Plague_666
    the snare drum has a weird ringing in this song.
  • Avatar for maphilli14
    I know it's been said before here, But that line, "I saw a lion, he was standin' alone, with a tadpole in a jar." Is just tops!!! But, seriously, what does that mean??
  • Avatar for grossy2
    this was an AM radio hit back in the day!
  • Avatar for Jookstevens
    One of my favourite songs of all time. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for wermodaz
    my favorite song of all time. when i was10 my great-grandfather died and I just listened to this song on repeat all day.
  • Avatar for irishmike01
  • Avatar for VIKH666
    Sleazy song... Groovy... THE HAMMER OF GODS!!! LONG LIVE TO ZEP!!!
  • Avatar for zorriwell
  • Avatar for wargrave
    this is fucking incredible
  • Avatar for skwarka
    zepps are the best band ever! no fuckin beatles, no stones, led zeppelin! ^^
  • Avatar for intothehollow
    crazy days are here again
  • Avatar for RocknrollHendo
    STP do a pretty mean cover
  • Avatar for Pattimelt
    Crazy ways are evident in the way you're wearing your clothes
  • Avatar for Mauspie
    ...true love, I mean...
  • Avatar for Mauspie
  • Avatar for KillerTCells
    Houses of The Holy=The most UNDERrated album ever!!!
  • Avatar for KillerTCells
    Houses of The Holy=The most UNDER
  • Avatar for Ariues2
    this does sound like contemporary alternative. and the riff is amazin also. i have nothin original to contribute to this shoutbox...
  • Avatar for Jabbo_Hamburg
    Wow, what a riff...
  • Avatar for Kaio_felipe
    My favorite song of Led Zeppelin. Perfect in every detail, specially the lyrics, guitars and drums. And I agree with andreas_s: Dancing Days still sounds contemporary. =)
  • Avatar for rollexs
    dancing days are here again ;D
  • Avatar for righteous00
    Led Zeppelin didn't always make songs that everyone liked... they left that up to the Beegees.- Wayne
  • Avatar for ulianov1968
    Por fa pongan la version completa
  • Avatar for grossy2
    you'll be my only, yes. my one and only, yes.
  • Avatar for unlovely
    friggin awesomee track, definitely a summer song.
  • Avatar for andreas_s
    I can't believe this song is from the 70s, it could easily pass as contemporary alternative rock.
  • Avatar for Led_ZeppeIin
    summer dancing :)
  • Avatar for Night_Songs_
    The ultimate summer song
  • Avatar for Jookstevens
    I fucking love this track.
  • Avatar for bleedingicon
    underrated song
  • Avatar for MaadXavier
    You told your mamma I'd get you home but you didn't say I got no car
  • Avatar for CptWenis
    I said it's all right, you know it's all right.


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