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Led Zeppelin

Black Mountain Side (1:45)


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  • Love it.....
  • zepelini maja tak wspaniala muzyke ze mozesz ja sluchac przy kazdej okazji . : sex jedzenie praca jazda autem picie piwa ogladanie meczu ....itd
  • listening to this and im like.. i just wanna travel alone
  • Listening to the debut album "Led Zeppelin" released January 12 1969 with the sound that brought stereo to commercial radio. Song written by Page & Plant(unaccredited due to contractual obligations). Viram Jasani on Tabla.
  • "Black Mountain Side" was inspired by a traditional Irish folk song called "Down by Blackwaterside". The guitar arrangement closely follows Bert Jansch's version of that song, recorded on his 1966 album Jack Orion.This arrangement was learnt by Al Stewart, who followed Jansch's gigs closely, and who, in turn, taught it to Jimmy Page, who was a session musician for Stewart's debut album.
  • "the harbringer of the sounds of john mclaughlin and zakir hussain fusion music" Wow, I never thought about this before I read this shout, but you're absolutely right. It definitely sounds like the precursor to the My Goal's Beyond album and the band Shakti. It just goes to show how Page's appropriation of other's music also influenced many people.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Gcu0Sv6lk
  • i have a live version of this track, fucking awesome 8 minutes pure folk music.
  • Definitely my favourite song from the first album!
  • A+
  • Bring on the Communication !
  • trippy
  • I was a hippie when this song came out.
  • Ripped Off???
  • epic tabla!
  • the harbringer of the sounds of john mclaughlin and zakir hussain fusion music...
  • some tasty raga rock shit
  • Blackwater Side, by Bert Jansch. It's a traditional Irish Folk Song that he plays very closely to how Jansch plays it on Jack Orion.
  • rip off of what???
  • Great track. Check out the alternate/extended version on Coda as well.
  • I feel like a hippie when I listen to this song.
  • Awesome piece of work indeed.
  • Love it.
  • i dig much.
  • 1.27 - 1.35 best
  • the sound is not arabic as such...it has tabla an indian instrument...the guitar is improvised to simulate a sitar(another indian instrument)....great song by a great band!!!
  • Love this one. So trippy. Page = genius!
  • Great <3
  • fills in so nicely on such a great album
  • amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !
  • vastly underated song.
  • Another song Jimmy Page rips off and doesn't give credit where it's due.
  • Pagey (L)
  • I like it a lot...sounds Middle Eastern, somewhat.
  • All hail the king of alternate rock acoustic tunings.............who played in the greatest rock band of all time............
  • on your knees for mr. Page!!!
  • I find it really hard to compare it to Anne Briggs' Blackwater Side :(
  • :)........
  • great song!
  • A lesser-known gem on this album, surrounded by giants of the song world! Great song!
  • Intersting Arabic vibe to this song
  • Wow, it's folk, it's progressive! Never would have thought, that it's Led!!
  • and there he is!!! Mr Page!!!! thanks man!!
  • Good track, despite ripping off Bert Jansch. But then it IS a traditional song, so Bert got it from somewhere else anyway. This is why I love folk music.
  • Perfect
  • I'd do drugs listening to any song.
  • Would you ever do drugs while listening to this song?
  • Did this song for my music performance G.C.S.E. Very proud of myself for it. But playing it with the recording, ALAS! It is not in DADGAD at all, it is in the key of C#!

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