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    we need new stuff!!
  • Avatar for limonad_limonad
    Страшно качать: одни русские слушают.
  • Avatar for aa_mus
    цепляет сильно, а чем не знаю
  • Avatar for antosh_creep
    дрочу не переставая
  • Avatar for huiva
    Hi. Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    Синт хорош, эт да.
  • Avatar for prgdva
    dust on common шедевральный ♥
  • Avatar for zuzochka
    какой хороший синт 0.о
  • Avatar for zippye
    Отличный синт
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  • Avatar for DeathBoy92
    wow....this guys a pretty good)
  • Avatar for sputumsludge
    the diver link please
  • Avatar for saturaviolet
    охуенно пиздец
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for nomoretears_
    brazil needs darkwave like port isabel
  • Avatar for infinitenihil
    what does the name mean? Led er est?
  • Avatar for Arkandast
    "Port Isabel" и "Destination Sanity". Хочется больше песен всё же.
  • Avatar for sinztye
    Great stuff here!
  • Avatar for tenrapid
    um, aren't they FROM New York?
  • Avatar for Nickv_666
  • Avatar for lorrabaquio
    Divided Parallel.
  • Avatar for Elcatnoir
    Kaiyo Maru.
  • Avatar for anawynn
  • Avatar for getbentblog
    There hasn’t been an album released in 2012 so far with a title more apt than The Diver. The second LP from NYC duo Led Er Est isn’t something you listen to so much as submerge yourself in, not just a collection of songs but an Album with a capital A that sucks you into a murky, spacious underwater vortex that doesn’t let up for air until it fades out forty-one minutes later. Listen to "Kaiyo Maru:"
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  • Avatar for Liteee
    Good new album!
  • Avatar for Tanzdame
    I'm in love with 'agua fuerte'!
  • Avatar for Kirkkie
    Never heard of this band before "Led Er Est - Kaiyo Maru". Music video is also nice, definitely one of the best new bands I've found for awhile.!/topic/4f1fb40e021b8dea31000089/New%20tracks%20%28no%20video%29
  • Avatar for Liteee
    great minimal wave music!!
  • Avatar for Tanzdame
    We all wait for the new album. May comes soon...
  • Avatar for Catamine
  • Avatar for Caligula138
    I have 3 of their records and they are all awesome... The cover of Solid Space is great!
  • Avatar for tgcephalopoid
    Plants is awesome, just the right kind of floaty post-punk.
  • Avatar for Elcatnoir
    The new Ep is fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for Invander
  • Avatar for janaramajana
  • Avatar for Tanzdame
    I am in love with *May*
  • Avatar for coffeeandpigs
    May rocks
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    просто охуенно! новая EPшка ваще крута
  • Avatar for Invander
    приятные парни
  • Avatar for p0wer_v1olence
    digging the new EP
  • Avatar for Euphoric_Corpse
    La Zorra A_A
  • Avatar for tgcephalopoid
    Someone please travel in time and fetch their next albums for me. It'd really make my day to hear more of them.
  • Avatar for Plastikreport
    simply great.
  • Avatar for emil_p
    this band is great, definitely one of the best new things I've heard for the last few years
  • Avatar for Przydal
    Scissors - best track from Dust On Common ;).
  • Avatar for Roxie-Hart
    Destination sanity... no more you, no more me. ♪
  • Avatar for Ninjachu
    оч крутые!!!
  • Avatar for Tanzdame
    I love Led er est and Port Isabel :)


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