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  • Avatar for Angluvsmusic
    I miss her music
  • Avatar for MeltingCORE
    恋しよう♪ & Lost at Sea <3333
  • Avatar for chanyeollie
    i miss her :(
  • Avatar for Filth_Pig
    Love You Leah
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    miss her
  • Avatar for lll__
    mixed heritage women are ridiculously attractive..
  • Avatar for Simo_Pamyu I'm not sure this is the right tag... The japanese wiki doesn't use romaji :/
  • Avatar for Ustareth
    [url=]So she's coming back?[/url]
  • Avatar for dearyoona
    miss this bitch
  • Avatar for inspiredfrom_
    I really do miss her music. ;__; Hard to believe Communication!!! was released almost 4 years ago!
    I forgot how much I loved Communication!!!
  • Avatar for NissyLov3r
    I still play the First Press Edition of "Destiny Line" I got happily when I was a teenager. She gave birth with a Japanese stylist almost 10 years older (what is pretty ok for her) but they divorced I don't know when. I wish she come back to the stage giving us some new beautiful songs relfecting all her thoughts and experiences during this time on hiatus. COMMUNICATION!!! LEAH!
  • Avatar for micha4D
    I never knew she got married o.O is that why she's not singing anymore?
  • Avatar for catukat
    Idols in Japan are typically bad singers. Look at AKB48. I don't know why Leah was made as the example of poor singing when there are so many other singers who are worse than her in Japan. [2]
  • Avatar for portableairport
    She could have squeezed a few more years out out of her career.
  • Avatar for Kirlia20
    I predict she never makes music again, what is sad ):
  • Avatar for pistolCAFE
    Any 14 year old boys who listen to this. SPOILER Alert: You're gonna be gay.
  • Avatar for tildevplus
    Her cover of "Everlasting Love" is fucking tripe
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    I predict an epic 2012 comeback before the world ends ~ <3
  • Avatar for Ustareth
    Idols in Japan are typically bad singers. Look at AKB48. I don't know why Leah was made as the example of poor singing when there are so many other singers who are worse than her in Japan.
  • Avatar for Just2Chill
    She is great. Please come back ! :)
  • Avatar for GARBAGEFREAK
    so sad she was a joke in japan, she has a great voice but never the proper vocal training.
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
  • Avatar for jadedillusionic
    Beyond ecstatic to know she's coming back!
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    Leah Dizon is not dead! She did a new CM recently so hopefully that means she'll come out of hiding / needs money for her baby.
  • Avatar for Pequitass
    Come back :(
  • Avatar for ayodigoyang
    Leah Dizon~
  • Avatar for Ustareth
    "Dizon is believed to be living with the couple’s daughter in New York where she is studying acting. Sources close to Dizon say she is planning to base her career in New York but travel back to Japan for work." That's what I saw on, posted on February 27th.
  • Avatar for blueisland215
    Come back!!
  • Avatar for shadesdrawn
    "So basically she came to Japan due to an offer and ends up returning to America divorced, with barely any fame and early age motherhood. Damn." Yes, that's pretty sad but it's the fate of most talentos...
  • Avatar for portableairport
  • Avatar for ShrekKluzo
    She is so nice^^ Обожаю ее внешность, она такая прелесть <3
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    and correct tag ;)
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    Urrghh Miss her
  • Avatar for lakku-
    Is this the correct tag or the kanji?
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    Where the fuck IS she?
  • Avatar for chanhi
    i miss this chick
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    Dead T_T Come back BB!
  • Avatar for kyzermoodz
    why aren't her songs playable - its so annoying
  • Avatar for fernandoex
    HBD Leah !!! [2] :)
  • Avatar for Cancerzz
    HBD Leah !!!
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    Yep, just saw it. I'm glad it was false
  • Avatar for phonyphonic
    v Rumor is false, it was made up. She said so herself.
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    Rumor is she's going to do porn :O
  • Avatar for momousagi
    I wish she would, it's been way too long. >_>
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    v F' twitter...someone tell her to make an album!
  • Avatar for momousagi
    She's remade her twitter account, yay~
  • Avatar for SatanEsCholo
    ¿? her music...nah....nah.... but Oh! my Goddess Leah ! <3 ^.^
  • Avatar for Sasha_evilsin
    I want two tags merged so freaking much! T________T
  • Avatar for Kazukii
    new album please !!! [2]


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