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We Like the Cars That Go Boom
Le Tigre

We Like the Cars That Go Boom

This song is improperly tagged. Please change artist to L'Trimm and give credit where credit is due. Just because one of the girls is called Tigra does not mean she has any relation to 90s feminist rock band Le Tigre. The lyrics were male-written and have been subject to criticism from some and support from their fans.


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  • Their song "Cars that go Boom" was written by a male, not by the girls of L'Trimm. Lady Tigre is tired of getting harassed about this, and there's a lot of frustration by black female musicians being criticized by white females, because they don't want to be bullied. So back off white girls (and boys) it's not good for race relations. There are some strong female rappers, mostly in the underground, and MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, & Monie Love all stood their ground pretty well back in the day (early 90s. If you don't like the song, keep in mind that they were written by a male, and many of us females (of all races) grew up in a culture where we were supposed to be fun, cute, and kinda dumb to fit in, make friends, and get boyfriends.
  • vote for L'Trimm - Cars With the Boom
  • vote for L'Trimm - Cars With the Boom
  • 37680 times people took it as a le tigre song. including me xP people! the correct artist and title is: L'Trimm - Cars With the Boom
  • we're tigra and bunny and we like tha boom
  • yeah, this is l'trimm, not le tigre.
  • I think this song was sung by L'Trimm (Bunny D. and Lady Tigra), not by Le Tigre

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